4 Color Rules For Choosing Vinyl Siding To Compliment Your Reston, VA Roof

4 Color Rules For Choosing Vinyl Siding
To Complement Your Reston, VA Roof

Ensure Amazing Curb Appeal With
Complementary Vinyl Siding
And Roof Colors

When replacing the vinyl siding on your Reston, VA home, the key to amazing curb appeal is ensuring your roof and vinyl color are complementary. After all, who would want their home to be known as the ugly duckling of the neighborhood?

To ensure you get the most out of your Fairfax County home, there are some color rules to remember so you are not clashing your siding with your roof. Read on to find out how to ensure your home is the “bell of the ball” with your new vinyl siding.

The Rules Of Color For Vinyl Siding And Roofing

It would help if you remembered several rules when choosing your vinyl siding color to complement your roof. While these rules are not concrete, they are excellent suggestions to help you narrow down your choices.

1. Contrasting Roof And Vinyl Siding Colors

You want to ensure a line of definition between your roof and vinyl siding, meaning you should have contrasting colors between your siding and roof.

For example, if you have a home with a black roof, then light-colored vinyl siding will work better than choosing a dark charcoal gray color for your vinyl.

2. Keep To Either Warm Or Cool Colors

What shade of color is your roof? A warm-colored roof, such as a brick, red, or tan, is considered warm. Roofs that are black or gray are considered cool colors.

You want to choose a vinyl siding with the same “temperature.” Thus, a warm-colored roof with warm siding, and vice versa.

Choosing a warm and cool color together is often a dramatic statement to make. This is why design professionals frequently teach their clients to pay attention to the temperature of the colors they choose.

3. Consider The Surroundings Of Your Home

You have to consider your home’s surroundings when choosing a vinyl siding color. You don’t want to choose a color that will make your home blend into your surroundings, nor do you want it to stick out like a beacon of bad design choices.

For example, if you are surrounded by evergreen trees in dark green, you would want to avoid picking a dark green siding. Likewise, choosing a dark gray siding could blend your home into the landscaping if you are surrounded by concrete and pavement.

A home that looks invisible may be great if you are a superhero hiding your identity! However, most people will be disappointed if their house looks identical to their surroundings.

4. Keep Your House Style In Mind

Yes, the style of your house can greatly influence your color choice for vinyl siding. A modern house style can look great in various color combinations. However, if you have a traditional style home, stick to the tried and true color combinations.

You must decide whether you want a subtle or dramatic look on your home. Going dramatic may mean going with bold color choices for a traditional style home.

How To Choose The Best Vinyl Siding Color For Your Home

Now that you have the rules, it is time to decide. It can be a long and grueling decision, as you have numerous color options, even with these tips in mind.

With this being said, here are some tried and true color combinations that work for just about any style of home:

  • Brown Roofs: White, tan, light cream, red cedar, yellow, light gray, and green hues
  • Gray Roofs: White, red, green, blue, light gray, and yellow hues
  • Black Roofs: White, gray, red, green, brown, and blue hues

Do you have to go with the examples given here?

Absolutely not! Ultimately, you need to be happy with your vinyl siding color. However, don’t throw out these color combinations, as there are a variety of hues in each color that may be perfect for your home.

To test your color combination idea, consider using a home design app that will allow you to see the vinyl siding color with your roof color. After looking at it, consider if you feel satisfied with the results.

Ask for professional help if you need it. Vinyl siding contractors have a wealth of information about disastrous color combinations and those that work. Let the professionals guide you to the best choices and choose from there.

Most importantly, take your time choosing a color combination. If you rush, you risk not being happy with your choices. No one wants to arrive home day after day, silently wishing they had gone with another color combination.

If you are ready to replace your vinyl siding, now is the time to start thinking about the color that will make you ecstatic and ensure beautiful curb appeal.

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