5 Ways Customers Describe Us In Our Google Reviews

The Top 5 Words And Phrases You’ll
See On Our Google Reviews From
Satisfied Customers

A Deep Look At What Northern VA
Homeowners Say About Us

When it comes to hiring an exterior remodeler in Northern VA, every homeowner these days knows the #1, hands-down most important rule:


Because let’s face it: EVERY contractor is going to tell you they’ll do a great job… treat you right… and provide a fair price. But reading a company’s online reviews is a quick, reliable way to see who ACTUALLY walks the talk.

At Milcon Design & Build, we’re one of the ‘WALKERS.’ Yes, we’ll TELL you we’ll do a great job for a fair price. But guess what? We’ll DELIVER.

But don’t just take our word for it, though — take our customers’ word for it. They’ve honored us with a perfect 5 out of 5 rating on Google… and here are the 5 most common terms they use to describe us…

  • Professionalism
  • Punctuality
  • Quality
  • Responsiveness
  • Value

1. Professionalism

Your exterior remodeling project is a MAJOR investment… and at Milcon, we take your investment seriously.

You see, OTHER exterior remodeling companies aren’t always professional. From contractors slacking off and turning a one-day job into a three-day job to cursing, blasting music, and using profanity, the horror stories we hear from homeowners are hard to fathom.

But there’s a better choice. There’s an exterior remodeling company in Northern VA who’s nothing short of 100% professional at all times… Milcon.

How can we promise this?

Well, professionalism is part of who we are and part of our Milcon company code. Now, we understand you’ve probably heard this before, so we don’t want you to just take our word for it. Instead, see what OUR CLIENTS say about our professionalism:

I selected Milcon Design & Build after receiving two other estimates, because I was impressed with Matt’s professionalism, his ability to answer my (many 🙂 ) questions in detail. – Aja W.
We are very pleased with the work Milcon performed to install our basement sliding door. They were very professional, prompt and very responsive to any questions we had. – Meagan F.
Had the pleasure of working with Matt and his team. They were extremely professional and responsive. On the day of the installation, they came well-prepared. Worked diligently and made sure there were no messes left at the end of the day. I’m very happy with their professionalism. – Walid I.

2. Punctuality

Here’s the thing — we’re all busy. The last thing you need is a pushy salesman in your home pressuring you for hours to choose them over the other guys.

And that’s simply not how we roll. We educate — not sell. And, you know, it’s amazing the time you can save as a home remodeling contractor when you’re not pressuring the homeowner or trying to convince them they should purchase. In fact, we can be in and out of your house in under 30 minutes.

And once the project starts?

We aren’t late. We arrive on time (if not a little early) and stay on schedule throughout the project.

Here’s what some of our previous clients have to say about our punctuality:

Arrived on time, completed on schedule and attention to detail is off the chart. They set up plastic sheets to cover all my furniture before they started, and they vacuumed and wiped the floor after completion of the job, leaving no dust behind. Highly recommended!! – Donghai Yu
Matt with Milcon Design & build was extremely impressive with his low-pressure professional approach during our estimate visit. He worked with us to change the design a few times to make it perfect. – Kerri R.
Contracted Milcon Design & Build for a new roof. Our roof was 20 years old and needed serious help! Matt walked us through the process and had us a new roof installed within 5 days of our initial meeting. – Peter I.

3. Quality

Quality is the ultimate goal at Milcon. Without quality, our professionalism and punctuality aren’t worth much.

That’s why we bring our A+ game to every project. And bringing our A+ game on every project is precisely how we’ve earned such consistently pristine reviews.

You see, getting one project right is one thing… and it’s easy. But getting essentially every project right? That’s tough.

So, how do we ENSURE quality on every project? Several ways:

  • Our inspections and quotes are detailed, accurate, and include every project detail
  • We use factory-trained and 100% accountable installers who get the job done right the first time
  • We use the best materials ONLY — we’re talking GAF roofing, CertainTeed siding, RJT windows, and ProVia doors

And wouldn’t you know it, the quality of our process and the success of our projects show up in our reviews. Here’s what three former clients have to say about our craftsmanship:

Milcon Design & Build did an excellent job installing our new roof and windows. Their quality of work is amazing. We will definitely be using them again, and we recommend them. -M. M.
The quality of the windows and the front door ( with a custom color we requested to keep) is excellent and totally updates our house inside out. The installation was very efficient and quick. All workers who came to install both windows and the door are very professional and sincere to their work to all details. -Yoko
Matt is very knowledgeable about window and door replacement. He even suggested a cheaper option for my kitchen window and I love it! The project started as planned and ended on time. I am very satisfied with the end result and wish we had done it sooner. -Sharon D.

4. Responsiveness

If you call, we answer — it’s that simple.

But you likely won’t need to call us because we keep you updated throughout the entire exterior remodeling project.

From the quote process to the moment we put the finishing touches on your project and receive your approval, we do everything in our power to answer all your questions and help you stay educated and informed about our process and where we are in terms of progress.

Now, I know you might’ve heard that from remodeling contractors before. So, please, don’t blindly trust us. See what our clients have to say about our responsiveness:

Matt was great and easy to work with and helped us get an incorrect Mansard roof done right along with a new beautiful roof and windows done in a quick turnaround. Communication is excellent! – Logan A.
Matt was very responsive and answered all our questions within minutes. We recommend Milcon and would work with them again. – Deb S.
They were very professional and communicated well throughout the entire process. Highly recommend! 10 stars. -Jenna B.

5. Value

We offer the BEST materials, have some of the best installers in Northern Virginia and have outstanding reviews, So, we have to be super expensive, right? No, actually. Most of our clients find our offer to provide the BEST value.

Now, could we charge more and get away with it? Probably. But that’s not who we are and what we’re about. We make sure we’re affordable for as many northern VA homeowners as possible, while never compromising the quality of our materials or craftsmanship.

Here’s what our clients have to say about our overall value:

Matt and his team did a phenomenal job from start to finish. He provided a cost-effective, detailed estimate for my roof and even added in an active-duty military discount! – Russell R.
Out of the three quotes we received, Milcon Design & Build were the most straightforward and to the point, the best value, and had the earliest install date. – Kimberley M.
Matt took the time to understand our needs and recommend the best window for us at a great price. Took less than a month from when they ordered the windows to install date -Alex L.

Become Our Next Five-Star Client In Northern Virginia

If you need roof replacement, new windows and doors, or siding replacement in northern Virginia or the DMV area, then call Milcon Design & Build today at (703) 581-2761. Our owner, Matt, is glad to answer your questions and provide a free, no-obligation 30-minute quote.

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