7 Signs It’s Time To Replace Great Falls, VA Entry Doors

7 Signs The Entry Doors On Your
Great Falls, VA Home Need
To Be Replaced

Know When To Call
The Professionals

When your Great Falls, VA entry doors are not as good as they once were, that doesn’t mean it is time to start using the back entrance of your home. Avoiding using your entry doors will not save the doors from further deteriorating.

All that avoiding the entry doors will do is make you a little grumpy as you may have to drag groceries further and tell guests to make their way to the backyard to get into your home, which can be annoying!

Instead, when your Fairfax County entry doors have seen better days, it is time to call the professionals for replacement. However, how do you know your entry doors need replacing?

We have outlined seven signs that show your entry doors are ready to be retired!

1. Your Entry Doors Are Fighting You Back

While your entry doors will not develop boxing gloves and knock you out when these doors are damaged and hard to close, you may feel like you are in a shoving match.

Anytime your entry doors are not closing easily and securely, it is a cause for concern. Often, entry doors start to warp or have become damaged in some other way, which results in them not closing correctly.

Would you rather fight the door every day or replace it with something that can easily be closed?

2. You Don’t Feel Safe In Your Great Falls, VA Home

If your entry doors are not closing correctly, you may not feel one hundred percent safe in your home. After all, an improperly closing door can be an invitation to come right in for those who are not there to catch up on the latest show you are binge-watching.

While there are tons of ways that homeowners are trying to give themselves peace of mind with their entry doors, such as shoving a piece of furniture up to the door to hold it closed, that is not the safest route to take.

Regarding your peace of mind regarding the security in your home, new entry doors installed correctly are the best option. Otherwise, you may feel as though you can never genuinely sleep deeply.

3. Air Comes In Around Your Entry Doors

You have some massive issues if you can feel the air around your entry doors. If you can feel the air, small bugs can easily get in around your doors. In addition, you are letting money fly through the cracks as your energy bills are likely higher.

Drafts are one of the more common reasons people decide to replace their front entry doors. In most cases, they do so when they feel uncomfortable in their home due to the hot or cold air the doors let in.

4. Your Entry Doors Look Like You
Have Decorated For Halloween

As a kid, do you remember seeing that one house on the block that would always have spider webs on their doors or other Halloween paraphernalia that made you either cringe in fear or excitement?

Take a look at your entry doors, and if they look as though you have already decorated for Halloween, yet you haven’t, that is a definite sign your doors are worn out!

After all, you don’t want to be known as the house on the block with the spooky appearance.

5. The Curb Appeal Of Your Great Falls, VA
Home Needs A Boost

Many homeowners replace their entry doors to boost curb appeal. And the perfect entry door for your home can increase your curb appeal dramatically!

With the number of entry door options on the market, you can find one that fits in with your home’s style and color scheme while also showing your personality. Changing your home’s entry doors can make the entire house look fresher and more modern.

6. Your Entry Doors Are Welcoming Any And All Pests

As mentioned before, when you feel drafts, pests can easily enter your home. It is not uncommon to find pests like ants crawling through the small cracks of your entry doors to find their next meal to take to their colony.

While some try to stuff the cracks with towels or insulation to stop the ants, that is a temporary fix that only lasts until you open the door again. Instead, replacing the entry door with one that truly fits the door opening can become the barrier you need against pests getting into your home.

7. You Have Old Wooden Entry Doors

While wooden doors may be beautiful, they can be a pain to maintain. And often, they start looking worn. But, the big issue to be found is how wooden doors handle moisture that often results in mold and mildew building up in the corners of the door.

For those with allergies, seeing this is not only worrisome, but it can also be a health hazard. That is why so many people replace their entry doors with fiberglass or steel, as these can be designed to look like they have a wood texture. You get the look without the mold worry!

Free Estimates For Your Great Falls, VA
Entry Doors Replacement Today

If your Great Falls, VA entry doors show any of the above signs, now is the time to replace them. Waiting will not help you, and we wouldn’t advise it. Milcon Design & Build offers fiberglass and steel entry doors that are beautiful and durable.

Call us today at (703) 581-2761 for your free estimate!

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