7 Tips To Help You Choose Your Reston, VA, Home’s Vinyl Siding Color

7 Tips To Help You Choose The Vinyl Siding
Color For Your Reston, VA, Home

Ensure The Vinyl Siding Color Will
Work For Years To Come

If you look at the current state of your vinyl siding on your Reston, VA, home and cringe, it may be time for an upgrade. Or you may have a material other than vinyl siding that is past its prime, so a change is needed.

Most people turn to vinyl siding for their Fairfax County homes because they love the look of the siding, but also because it is considered low maintenance. Imagine more time spent enjoying your home rather than washing the exterior!

However, one of the most important decisions when replacing vinyl siding is the color to replace it with.

Choose the wrong color, and you will absolutely hate the curb appeal. Go with a color that may be safe but boring, and you may regret it. That’s why you will want to consider these seven tips to help you choose a fantastic but safe vinyl color for your home.

1. The Rules Of Vinyl Siding Color

Every professional decorator lives by some basic rules of color, and they should be something you consider. These rules include the following:

  • Remember the color wheel rules in which certain colors work together and others clash.
  • Light colors can make a home look larger, while dark colors often make a house appear smaller.
  • The exterior of your home should have three main colors: the siding, doors/windows/trim, and the accent color.

In the case of your vinyl siding color, you can still bend these color rules to fit your personality or vision!

2. Keep Your Reston, VA, Neighborhood In Mind

Depending on where you live in the Reston, VA, area, you may have a homeowners’ association with rules about what color your home can be and a list of other regulations to abide by.

However, remember to keep your neighborhood in mind even if you don’t have an HOA.

After all, do you want to be the burnt orange house with black shutters that the kids in the area often call the Halloween house?

Letting your home show your personality is encouraged, but remember there may be times you must reign in the bold color choices.

Also, avoid copying your next-door neighbor with the color scheme. While you may love their gray siding and light blue shutters, copying it may not be as flattering to your neighbor as you would think.

Many HOAs also have rules against the same color scheme used on neighboring homes.

3. Always Start With The Main Color First

Many homeowners go into remodeling with the idea that they want robin blue shutters or something similar on their home, and then they attempt to choose the other colors. However, your vinyl siding color should be your first choice.

You want to build the remodel around the vinyl siding color. You want to avoid starting with an accent color, like your front door. It will be more difficult and may turn out differently than you had hoped.

4. You Can’t Go Wrong With Neutral Siding Colors

Regarding vinyl siding, you can’t go wrong with a neutral color. Any shade of white, beige, or gray is an easy choice for your home.

These neutral colors will allow you to go with any accent color you want, as they will look great with any choice you make. Many homeowners opt for a neutral as it makes their vinyl siding journey a bit easier.

5. Consider The Landscaping Around Your Home

How does the outside around your home look? Do you have a lot of trees, bushes, and flowers? Or is it more or less a flat yard?

The landscaping outside of your home will affect the look of your vinyl siding. It would be best if you kept in mind how it may change the appeal of the color.

6. The Style Of Your Home Makes A Difference

There are tons of classically styled homes in the Reston, VA, area. It would help if you also considered the style of your home when choosing a vinyl siding color.

The reason is that if you stick close to a color palette that would have originally been used in the style of your home, it will look amazing. If you are stuck for color ideas, going with a hue that would have been on your home when it was first built is a sure way to choose a color.

7. Go With Your Gut

You can read all the tips about choosing the best color for your vinyl siding, talk with endless professionals, and look at tons of pictures online for inspiration, but ultimately, the decision is yours and yours alone. That is why we always say to go with your gut.

If you see a color that makes you smile and immediately start feeling at home, then go with that color! Remember, your vinyl siding color is a personal decision.

By all means, keep these tips in mind to help you narrow your choices, but don’t feel pressured to choose a normal or common color if your gut tells you to go with royal blue siding.

Ultimately, you want to be happy with your newly remodeled exterior, so choose the color you want!

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