8 Things To Consider When Choosing A Patio Door For Your Sterling, VA, Home

8 Things To Consider When Choosing A Patio
Door For Your Sterling, VA, Home

Use These Tips To Help You Find Your
Perfect Patio Door

If your Sterling, VA, patio doors show signs of wear and tear, it’s probably time to replace them. However, the sheer number of choices can be panic-inducing if you’ve started looking at your options. There are different sizes, styles, color choices, energy-efficiency ratings, and much more to consider. It can feel overwhelming.

However, if your Loudoun County area patio doors are an eyesore, broken or damaged, not as energy efficient as they could be, or have aged out, replacing your patio doors is a must! And with the right expert tips, you can cut through the noise and find exactly what you need.

We’ve compiled a list of eight things you will want to consider to help you narrow down your patio door choices. With these concepts in mind, you can rest assured that your patio door will be perfect for your home!

1. Energy Efficiency Rating

You want a patio door that can withstand the weather in Sterling, VA, which includes hot summers and frigid winters. That’s why it’s best to look for patio doors that have the Energy Star seal on them.

Having the Energy Star seal means the patio door has met or exceeded the expectations set forth by the government for energy efficiency. Thus, it will be an excellent fit for your home.

A side note is that the energy guidelines differ according to region. Thus, double-check that the Energy Star label is for the Virginia area.

2. Safety And Security

Your safety and security are something to consider when looking at various patio door options for your home. What type of locking system does the patio door offer?

Many people opt for a patio door with at least two locks to feel safe at home. However, other safety components to consider include the following:

  • Can you opt for tempered glass to make the glass shatterproof?
  • Is there an option to have the glass tinted for privacy?
  • Can the door be configured for multi-point locking systems?

These are all considerations to ensure you feel comfortable with your patio door choice.

3. Style

What style are you considering for the patio door installation on your Sterling, VA, home? While this is a personal choice, it can be one of the easiest ways to narrow the possibilities.

French patio doors open out or in, depending on your preference. While sliding patio doors will slide along a track. From there, you can opt for two panes, three, and up to six panes of glass via these patio doors.

Look at your current patio door and decide whether to keep it in the same genre or to go with something entirely different. Find inspiration and ideas from websites and magazines, or talk with professional installers to discover their opinion.

4. Size

While there are no set standard sizes for patio doors, there are average sizes that are easy to find. Is your patio door an average size? Or is it a custom job?

You may have numerous choices if you have an average size. However, a custom-sized patio door may limit aspects like the material you can choose from or even the options for the glass.

Let the professionals measure your patio door to find the accurate size, and let them show what they can do for the space. Nothing is more frustrating than falling in love with a patio door you see on a website only to find it is unavailable in the size you need.

5. Aesthetic Appeal

Do you find the door appealing when looking at the various patio door options on the market?

Take it from us – patio door trends come and go almost as quickly as this year’s fashion runways. So while you want something modern in features, it doesn’t matter if the design you are looking at is considered the next big thing.

Simply put, you will not be happy if you don’t find the door aesthetically pleasing.

6. Functionality

Do you need your patio doors to open into a room, to open out onto a deck, or to slide to avoid giving up space for the doors to open? Many people opt for sliding patio doors to allow them to use the maximum area.

However, traditional French patio doors are still a favorite as they are classic and add elegance to a deck or patio. It would be best to decide what will work better and allow your home to function better.

7. Door Material

After looking at the design of the door and finding those you want to consider, you need to check into the door material. Patio doors come in a wide array of materials like steel, fiberglass, vinyl, and more.

Many people find vinyl a great option in terms of energy efficiency. Vinyl is known for its long life, durability, numerous color options, and easy maintenance. Look at each material and determine what works best for your home.

8. Patio Door Options Offered

Are there any options offered on the patio doors you are considering? The good news is that when working with a reputable professional, they will probably provide you with options like the following:

  • Privacy film installed onto the glass
  • Ability to add an extra lock to the patio door
  • Tempered glass to reduce chances of cracks or breaks

You want to find a door that offers numerous options so you can pick and choose what means the most to you. Plus, you can “build” the patio door of your dreams with more options.

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If your Sterling, VA, home needs a new patio door, consider what you want in your door. Use these eight things to check for and compare your options, then let Milcon be the professional you turn to for replacement.

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