Can You Live In Your Home During a Roof Replacement?

Living At Home During Your Leesburg, VA,
Roof Replacement

Is It Possible To Stay At Home During A
Roof Replacement?

Are you planning a roof replacement for your Leesburg, VA, home? You might be wondering if staying home during the process is possible. The short answer is yes, but you need to keep some key considerations in mind when planning for your project.

With contractors hammering, pounding, and scraping away, a roof replacement can be quite disruptive to daily life. The sound alone can cause stress and anxiety to those living in the home.

Therefore, you need to carefully weigh your decision before deciding to stay home during the roof replacement process. Here are some tips for staying in your Loudon County home while contractors work.

Staying At Home During A Roof Replacement

To better understand your decision, you first need to consider the current state of your roof. If your roof has been damaged by storms and high winds, you may want to consider staying in a hotel or with friends and family until the work is completed.

Obviously, if you have no protection from the elements, you may be more comfortable leaving while the roof is being replaced. It is a decision entirely based on what you want to do as long as it can be done safely.

But if you feel more comfortable being at home during the installation, we understand. In fact, most homeowners choose to stay in their homes for the duration of the roof replacement – provided it can be done safely and without putting anyone at risk.

Speak with your contractor to find the best schedule and course of action that fits your needs. It is also important to remember that the contractor will provide you with detailed instructions regarding noise, safety, and other related matters throughout the process.

Tips For Making It Easier To Stay At Home During A
Roof Replacement

Now that you know it is perfectly fine for you to stay at home during a roof replacement, you may wonder if you can do anything to make the process easier for you. And, yes, there are several things you can do.

1. Parents: Keep The Kids Inside

On a warm and bright day in Loudon County, it can be tempting to let the kids go outside and exert some of their energy while the roof is being replaced. However, this should be avoided at all costs.

Kids running in and out of your home presents a safety hazard for everyone involved. It is not safe for your children, and it is not safe for the construction crew, either.

If you have younger children that nap during the day, it may be difficult to keep your routine given the noise. Many parents send their infants and toddlers to daycare or to a family member’s house so they are not kept from their nap schedule.

2. Pets May Need To Stay Somewhere Else

While pets can stay home during the roof replacement process, it can be extremely stressful for them. Especially for dogs, hearing people walking and hammering on the roof can be alarming and stress-inducing.

Therefore, many pet owners take their pets to a care center or a neighbor’s house when the activity is taking place. It’s better for their mental health and can alleviate some of the stress you have during the installation.

3. Move Your Vehicles Out Of The Way

If possible, move your cars and trucks to a covered garage. If you park in the driveway, move your vehicles to the road so the asphalt roofing crew can get as close to your home as possible.

You can ask the crew where it’s most convenient to park – this will help guarantee a seamless process.

4. Don’t Schedule Any Work From Home That Requires
Video Meetings

Your installation crew won’t be entering your home, so there’s no chance they will walk in the background of a Zoom call. However, the noise can make it hard to handle phone calls or video conferences at home.

That’s why we recommend finding an alternative space to conduct business. Whether it’s a coffee shop, the library, or a friend’s house, removing yourself from the area will help you get everything done.

5. Remove Wall Decorations

With the vibrations of hammers and machinery on the roof, many people find that their wall decor either moves or shakes off the walls. If you want to keep your belongings safe, you should remove all items from the walls.

6. Clear The Work Zone

For the safety of our crew and your loved ones, be sure to clear the work zone. The work zone is going to be the area around your home. For example, you should move any grills, patio furniture, and lawn ornaments out of the path of the workers.

While the roofing contractors can work around some of these items, it is easier for everyone if the space is clear. It cuts down on the risk of injury and damages to your personal belongings.

7. Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

If you go outside while the roofers work, be aware of your surroundings. It’s essential to pay attention when you walk out your door to avoid hitting ladders and potentially causing injury to yourself or a crewmember.

For this reason, many try to avoid stepping outside while they hear the roofing work taking place on their Leesburg, VA, home. In other words, you may want to skip tending to your garden on the day of installation.

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If your Leesburg, VA, asphalt roof requires replacing, choose the trusted local pros at Milcon Design & Build. Our proven process delivers a stress-free and safe roof replacement with guaranteed results. We put our customers first and always give 100% to every roof replacement we handle.

Call Milcon Design & Build today at (703) 581-2761 to schedule a roof inspection to determine if a roof replacement is in your best interest.

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