Confused About Your Vinyl Siding Estimate? Keep These Things In Mind

How To Evaluate Contractors’ Siding
Quotes In Centreville, VA

Understanding What Your Vinyl Siding Quote Means

Using vinyl siding in Centreville, VA to update your home is a great way to boost curb appeal and protect it from the elements. When you get a quote from a contractor for your siding, it’s important to understand what you are reading.

At Milcon Design & Build, we make sure our quotes are clear and easy to comprehend. Here are some things to consider when evaluating a vinyl siding quote.

Think About How Much Vinyl Siding Is
Needed For Your Home Or Project

One of the biggest factors in a siding quote is the cost of the vinyl siding itself. If you have a large home and you will require a lot of vinyl siding, you can expect the quote to be higher.

When a company provides a quote, they will send someone out to take a look at your home. They will measure it and determine how much siding is needed. So, when they provide you with a quote, the cost of the materials is included, and the quote is as accurate as possible.

Look At The Design Of Your Home And How It Affects
The Complexity Of Your Vinyl Siding Project

The size of the home matters, but so does its shape and design. Not all homes have a basic box shape. Some homes have multi-levels and odd angles that make the installation more complex.

If it takes special skills and more time to complete, you can expect the project costs to increase. Some designs also require special tools, such as extra-long ladders, to complete. If the contractor has to bring more equipment to the job site, it will also affect the cost.

Bold vinyl siding in Centreville, VA

Consider The Quality Of The Vinyl Siding

The quality of the siding being used can affect the price of your project. While you may be offered a low quote from a company, it might not be the most money-saving option. If the quality of the vinyl siding is low, the siding won’t last very long. It may show signs of damage within a few short years and might need to be replaced early.

Even though a siding company that uses higher quality vinyl siding may offer a higher quote, it could be the better value.

When vinyl siding is made to be strong and durable, it won’t need to be replaced anytime soon and will look better for longer. It could save you money on repairs and replacements over the years.

Determine If Your Old Vinyl Siding Needs To Be Removed

Some types of siding can be installed over other siding, but if you are getting all-new siding, the old siding will need to be removed and thrown away. This can cause the quote to be higher because it takes more work and time to complete.

If the siding has to be taken off, that also means it needs to be hauled away and disposed of properly. This adds to the expense of the company and requires more man-hours. If your current siding is hard to remove, it can take even more work to complete.

Ask If The Vinyl Siding Or Installation
Is Covered By Any Warranties

Vinyl siding is designed to be strong and durable, but if something happens to it, it’s good to know that it’s protected by a warranty. Warranties are always a plus, but they do often come with an added cost.

You often have the option of adding a warranty to your siding, but sometimes, certain brands just come with one. Don’t be scared to talk to the contractor to find out what warranties are available and how much they affect the quote.

You may be able to get a quote with and without the warranty.

Make Sure The Vinyl Siding Company Is
Experienced, Licensed, and Legitimate

When you choose a company to install your vinyl siding, be sure to look at their credentials. A lower quote isn’t a good deal if the company isn’t experienced or legitimate.

Don’t be scared to ask to see a gallery of previous projects, reviews from other customers, or copies of their licenses and insurance. A good vinyl siding company won’t hesitate to provide these things with their estimate.

Choose Milcon Design And Build For All Your
Centreville, PA Vinyl Siding Needs

If you are planning to add vinyl siding to your home in Fairfax County and are wondering how to evaluate a contractor’s estimate, Milcon Design & Build can help.

We offer free quotes for your vinyl siding, and we will even take the time to break down the quote and explain it to you. When you choose us to handle your siding project, you can trust you are getting the best workmanship, materials, and value.

Contact us today for a free estimate.

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