DIY Window Installation VS Hiring a Replacement Window Company

Window Replacement In Purcellville, VA: DIY
VS Hiring Professionals

Learn What The Best Installation Option Is For You

Are you considering window replacement for your Purcellville, VA, home? If so, then how will you have these windows installed? You have two options for replacement window installation, which include doing it yourself, aka DIY, or hiring a professional window installer. Which is the best choice for you?

Look at each option’s pros and cons to determine the best choice for your Loudoun County window replacement.

DIY Window Replacement Installation

With the number of DIY shows, the World Wide Web, and books galore about the world of do-it-yourself – many people consider trying their hand at anything related to home remodeling. There are pros and cons to attempting a DIY window replacement installation. Understanding all that could go right and wrong when you go this route is essential.

Pros Of DIY Installation

One of the most significant benefits of DIY installation for your Purcellville, VA, window replacement is that you could have lower costs than if you were to hire someone to do it for you. By installing windows on your own, you get to avoid labor costs.

When replacing your windows, labor costs can account for much of your final bill.

Secondly, you strengthen your self-sufficiency and learn something new by doing this yourself. Replacing the windows in your home could be one of the ways that you feel more confident in being a homeowner by knowing you can handle serious projects.

Cons Of DIY Installation

While there may be some benefits to attempting a DIY installation of your new windows, there are quite a few drawbacks that you need to take into consideration.

One of the biggest drawbacks is that by installing windows on your own, you could end up voiding the warranty from the manufacturer. The fine print of most warranties states that for the warranty to be valid, a professional installer has to install them.

Voiding the warranty may not seem like a big deal to you right now. However, voiding a warranty is basically throwing away money, and you will regret it if you need to use the warranty later.

You do risk injury to yourself when you do anything home improvement related. With windows, you often have to use a ladder to reach those windows on the upper floor, which could lead to falling from the ladder.

If you suffer a severe injury, you could have to deal with an emergency room visit, which costs an arm and a leg. And if you are injured to the point that you cannot work, you also miss out on a paycheck.

You risk installing the window incorrectly, in a way that leaves gaps and other damage, which can result in water and air leaking into your house. This will present many issues down the road, making more work for yourself. And do you have time to add more items to your to-do list?

Professional Window Installation

Many people won’t even consider going with DIY installation because they understand that they do not have the know-how to get the installation done just right.

Pros Of Professional Installation

You will get several benefits when hiring professionals for your window replacement installation. For one, when you hire professionals, you will get the window installed correctly the first time since they are less likely to make mistakes.

The professional installation often comes with a contractor warranty and ensures the manufacturer’s warranty is not voided. A contractor warranty can protect you from any type of issue arising from the installation’s workmanship.

Lastly, you may find that you get a discount on your new windows because the installer can often purchase them at a discount with their connections.

Cons Of Professional Installation

There are a few drawbacks to using professional installation. For one, you will end up paying more for the total process when compared to installing the windows on your own due to labor costs.

But, if you do not go with an installer that is good at what they do, you could run into issues like leaky windows or a job that doesn’t look good at all. However, that is why ensuring you work with a qualified installer you trust to handle the job is vital.

The Vote Is In: Professional Installation Is The Way To Go

When your windows need to be replaced, what option will you choose: DIY or professional installers? When considering all the pros and cons of both options, the best option to go with to ensure that the windows are correctly installed is to hire professional installers.

While you may pay more for the entire window replacement process, you will find that the peace of mind that comes with professionals is hard to put a price on.

Plus, you will avoid causing injury to yourself, voiding the manufacturer’s warranty, and preventing issues in the future due to improper installation. All in all, professional installers will save you time as well as future headaches.

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