Do Our Core Values Really Make Us Better Than ‘The Other Guys?’ Yes, They Do.

Our Core Values Stand As An Unshakable Foundation
To Support Your Exterior Remodel

Because Tasks Done With A Deeper
Purpose Are Tasks Done Better

In the world of exterior home renovation, many contractors make grand assertions of their values, but few have the audacity to put their values into writing. This act of formally documenting our core values is a statement of intent; it signals our firm, unwavering commitment to uphold our dedication.

Our values:

  1. Service – Doing what others refuse to do to ensure you’re beyond satisfied with your investment.
  2. Integrity – To stick to our guns and fulfill our promises and conduct ourselves with a deep moral compass pointed at HONESTY all day, every day.
  3. Respect – Never upselling you and imparting you with a deep understanding of what will be done to your home without the attitude.
  4. Accountability – Admitting when we’re wrong and doing everything in our power to make things right.
  5. Trustworthiness – We’ll always pick up the phone and earn your trust quickly. And do everything to KEEP your trust before, during, and after your project.

You see, the difference between the contractors that merely speak their values and us putting them into writing is stark.

It pushes us to go beyond simply providing a service. It compels us to consistently deliver experiences that far exceed customer expectations – and to treat every project not as a transaction but as a privilege.

Service Beyond Obligation

At Milcon, the concept of service transcends contractual agreements. We are NEVER content merely meeting your basic requirements. Instead, we aim to surpass your expectations at every turn – going the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

From our prompt and stress-free 30-minute consultation with Owner Matt Kavanah to the meticulous clean-up after a project, we consistently deliver top-tier service you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Integrity Above All

We uphold integrity not as an abstract idea but as an objective goal in all our interactions.

From our upfront and honest quotes to our straightforward communication, we take pride in maintaining transparency in everything we do.

We’re committed to doing what’s right, even if it means not landing a project. Because for us, business success rests on a foundation of integrity – everything else follows course naturally.

Respect In Every Interaction

Respect isn’t just common courtesy; it’s a way of valuing you and your home. We understand that your home isn’t merely a physical structure but a space filled with your most cherished memories and important people.

That’s why we treat each project with the utmost care as if we were working on our own homes. Our reviews speak to our commitment to this level of respect, with numerous satisfied clients attesting to our actions living up to our words.

Accountability At All Times

Yes, we admit that we occasionally make mistakes in rare instances.

But what sets us apart is our readiness to take responsibility when we do slip up.

More importantly, we believe that accountability is crucial to growth and learning. With our seasoned team, we have learned from past mistakes, and we continually strive for improvement. When we falter, we make up for it with sincere apologies and rectified actions.

Trustworthiness & Dependability

For us, building trust with our clients is a journey, not a transaction. We don’t pursue sales aggressively – instead, we focus on demonstrating our reliability and keeping your best interests at heart.

When you trust us, the sale naturally follows. From answering your calls promptly to standing by our warranties, we ensure our actions reflect our dependability.

At Milcon Design & Build, we don’t just talk about our core values – we live them out every day, with every project and for every customer.

So if you’re in need of roofing, window, or siding for your Northern VA home, we invite you to have the best remodeling experience with Milcon Design & Build. Contact us today for a stress-free 30-minute quote!

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