Everything You Need To Know About Replacement Window Warranties

Everything You Need To Know About
Replacement Window Warranties
For Your Purcellville VA Home

Understand The Warranty To Feel Comfortable
With Replacing Your Windows

Replacing the windows in your Purcellville, VA, home is a great way to make your home more energy efficient while also increasing your home’s curb appeal. However, homeowners still have some concerns before deciding to do this.

One of the biggest concerns of new windows is their cost. But, if you replace the windows, a warranty can give you peace of mind that the money you spend is well worth it.

The second concern many homeowners have is understanding the replacement window warranty they are given. Questions like: “Will the warranty cover everything?” and “Who provides the warranty?” are typical and expected.

For the answers to these questions, continue reading to learn everything that you need to know about replacement window warranties for your Loudoun County home.

Types Of Window Warranties

Several types of replacement window warranties exist, and they can vary significantly from one another.

Limited Lifetime Warranties

These are the more common warranties to be found on replacement windows. They are often by the manufacturer and are meant to cover performance and aesthetic defects. The components of the window are covered but have limits – hence the name.

Often the limits on these warranties may be along the lines of wear and tear that is considered normal. For example, if your window were to not function as well three years down the line, the manufacturer could state it is within normal range and not pay.

The “lifetime” of the warranty will only cover how long the manufacturer believes the windows will maintain their maximum quality. The coverage could be as little as five years or as long as two decades.

Lifetime Warranties

With a lifetime warranty, you will find that it covers not only the performance and beauty of the window but also all the components of the window. However, the lifetime aspect of the window is still based on how long the manufacturer believes the window will last in peak performance.

Compared to a limited lifetime warranty, where all aspects of the window are covered, often including wear and tear during the “life” of the window as dictated by the manufacturer.

Prorated Warranties

A prorated warranty is very similar to a limited lifetime warranty. However, as the window ages, the warranty covers less. Hence, the older the window, the more you will pay out of pocket for the repair.

Double Lifetime Warranties

The double lifetime warranty is one of the most highly regarded window warranties. It is meant to offer complete protection for as long as the home is owned. And it can even be transferred to the next homeowner!

Transferable Warranties

When the home is sold, a transferable warranty can be switched to the next homeowner. It can be a great way to add value to a home when it can be offered.

You can have a combination of warranties provided to you when replacing your windows. For example, you may have a limited lifetime warranty that is also a transferable warranty.

Who Offers Replacement Window Warranties?

Replacement window warranties are offered either by the company installing the windows or the manufacturer. Of course, you could have the option of both groups giving you a warranty for your new windows.

The manufacturer warranty is meant to protect your window from product defects. Keep in mind the warranty will probably only be valid if:

  • The window is a certain age
  • You had your windows installed by a professional
  • You registered your window upon installation

The other options are warranties offered by the company. The installation company warranty is meant to protect you against any type of issues that occur due to installation or workmanship. It often lasts for a year or longer – depending upon the company.

What Will Window Warranties Cover?

Every warranty out there is a bit different. However, here are some aspects you will want to double-check to see if they are included with your potential warranty. These issues include:

  • Minor defects like color inconsistencies
  • Material issues that show wear and tear sooner than they should
  • Any and all window hardware replacement – such as if the window locks break or are defective
  • Depletion of the energy-efficient glass
  • If moisture starts to show in between the window panes resulting in visual obstruction
  • Any issues associated with the installation
  • Accidental glass breakage – though it only is present in some of the best warranties on the market

With all the issues that a manufacturer warranty may cover, there are a few things that are not covered. Some of the loopholes include:

  • Extreme weather damage
  • Improper maintenance
  • DIY installation
  • Windows containing tempered glass may not be covered

It is essential to read over the fine print of your replacement window warranty to determine what will be covered and any loopholes that may be present.

Questions You Will Want To Ask About Warranties

While you may feel optimistic about your replacement windows and feel as if everything will be fine, you still want to ensure that you are asking the right questions to protect yourself.

Some of the questions you will want to ask your contractor about the replacement windows are:

  1. How long will the manufacturer warranty be in effect for the style and brand of window you have chosen?
  2. What are all the aspects covered by the manufacturer’s warranty?
  3. Are there service fees associated with the warranty?
  4. Is the warranty transferable if you sell your home?
  5. What type of warranty is offered by the contractor?
  6. If bad weather hits the Purcellville, VA, area, is any damage covered?

Of course, if the contractor explains and you have other questions, feel free to ask about these.

You want to ensure that you are investing in quality protection for your home,

Remember, a window warranty is a cushion for you and can help you to feel better about the cost of replacement windows, so make sure you understand what the warranty entails.

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