Feeling Disrespected? If Your Contractor Is To Blame – We Can Help

Our Actions Speak Louder: Three Ways
We Prove Our Respect To You

Some Call It ‘Business Ethics.’
But We Just Call It Our
Normal Routine

The exterior contractor-customer dynamic has long been a contentious and sometimes perplexing relationship where trust is hard-earned… and hard lost.

So what gives? Why is finding an exterior contractor who offers basic respect throughout the entire project (not just the sales consultation) so difficult?

While we can’t precisely answer that, we can say with confidence why we give the utmost respect to all our roofing and exterior services clients.

Because with a lack of respect, these are just SOME of the nightmare scenarios that typically follow:

  • Showing up late and not giving a care in the world about it.
  • Cutting corners… and also not caring about how that affects you.
  • Leaving a mess everywhere they go. And following the theme of not caring – not even bothering to clean it up– let alone look at it.

That’s why we’ve built our entire business model around one simple principle – respecting our clients. It’s nothing genius or complicated, but it’s surprisingly hard to come by.

When we say we respect our clients, this is what we mean.

We value their time, investment and show appreciation for their trust in us. All with a friendly attitude the whole time because we understand that any home improvement project can be a considerable commitment, and we honor that commitment by offering the best services possible.

At the end of the day, we don’t just aim to satisfy our clients – we aim to impress them by exceeding expectations. Because we know that earning your trust isn’t about making the sale – it’s about truly making a difference in your life.

Respect Begins With Zero Undue Pressure

We don’t believe in aggressive sales tactics or pressuring clients into decisions before they’re ready.

Instead, we’ve adopted an approach that allows our clients the time and space they need to make informed choices.

Our ethical sales practices focus on education and honest conversation because our goal is to help you fully understand your options so you can choose what’s truly best for your home and your specific needs.

Moreover, we’re not interested in tearing down other companies to make ourselves look better. We believe our work and our commitment to clients speak for themselves. We focus on the positives – our services, our team, and our results – and let those factors differentiate us in the market.

After all, we’re not just building roofs – we’re building relationships. That’s just the Milcon way.

Mistakes Happen. And We Own Them.

While we always aim for perfection, we’re also human. And on rare occasions, mistakes can happen. However, what truly sets a company apart is how they handle these missteps.

At Milcon, we believe in owning our mistakes. So if something goes wrong – whether it’s a missed deadline or an incorrect order – we don’t shy away from it. Instead, we confront it head-on, learn from it, and, most importantly, fix it.

That’s because we believe our clients deserve nothing less than the best. So when things don’t go as planned, we do everything in our power to set them right. No excuses, no passing the buck – just genuine accountability.

The Owner Has An Open Line

Have you ever tried to resolve an issue, only to find yourself bouncing from one customer service rep to another, feeling more frustrated at every turn?

We’ve been there, and we don’t want our clients to go through the same experience.

That’s why we make it easy for our clients to connect directly with the owner. There’s no frustrating chain of command to navigate – just a direct line to the top. So you’ll never don’t have to wade through endless automated messages or explain your issue to multiple people before reaching someone who can help.

Get The Respect You Deserve As Soon As Today!

If you’re a Northern VA or Maryland homeowner in need of home improvement services by a company that truly respects your needs, call Milcon Design & Build at (703) 581-2761 for a zero-pressure, 30-minute quote today!

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