Looking To Elevate Your Home? These Exterior Trim Ideas Can Help

6 Ways To Make Your Luxury
Home In Chantilly, VA Pop

Let Exterior Trim Board Be The
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Exterior trim in Chantilly, VA can bring new life to your home. While you might not put a lot of thought into your trim, it can be an eye-catching feature on your home.

At Milcon Design & Build, we have a huge assortment of exterior trim options. We are happy to help you find the right one for your luxury home. Let’s look at some of the best options available.

1. Earth Tone Wooden Exterior Trim

Earth tones are always trendy, and they can give your home a cozy or rustic look. Consider colors like hunter green, beige, off-white, and brown. They look great with homes painted a neutral color or a different earthy tone.

You can easily find trim in these popular colors. You can use paint or stain your wood trim yourself. Earthtones also hide dirt well, so it won’t be noticeable if mud or dirt gets splashed on the trim.

2. Brighten Your Home With White Exterior Trim

Thinking about brightening your home’s exterior? A white trim can do just that. White is a great color because it can match your home’s siding color as well as its other features.

If you like to change colors and decorations often, you can trust that white will match almost anything you come up with. White is also easy to find and holds up well against UV rays.

White does get dirty easily, but if you choose a material that is easy to clean, such as vinyl, you won’t have to worry about a lot of maintenance.

Brown exterior trim in Chantilly, VA

3. Create A Modern Look With Black Exterior Trim

Have you ever heard that black matches everything? It’s true when it comes to exterior trim, too. Black is modern and sleek. It can add depth and character to neutral homes and make brighter colors pop.

Black is also a popular trim color, so it’s easy to find. It also looks great next to bright green plants and other decor and allows you to show off the features of your home that you like the best.

4. Boost Curb Appeal Gingerbread Exterior Trim

Gingerbread exterior is a decorative type of trim that has been popular for many years. It’s often seen in Victorian-style homes and is very noticeable. While it’s definitely a classic, it’s not outdated.

This is still a beautiful and popular way to add charm and style to your home. You can find a variety of colors and styles, so no matter what kind of look you are going for, you can nail it. It can also be painted, stained, and even customized to give you the exact style you want.

5. Ornate Designs Give Exterior Trim Character

While simple is great, if you really want to show off your personal style and get your home noticed, ornate trim is the way to go. You can have a lot of fun with your trim and come up with unique designs that are very different from others in your neighborhood.

You can make the trim as detailed as possible or go for something a little plainer. When you make your trim ornate, you make it more eye-catching and can boost your home’s curb appeal tremendously.

6. Show Off Your Personality With Bright, Bold Exterior Trim

Looking for a way to get your home noticed? A bold and bright exterior trim can do the trick. Don’t be afraid of color. Brighten up your home with trim in your favorite color. Find colors that complement the main paint color of your home and other decor around it.

Consider the color of your windows, roof, and siding, and look for bright or bold trim colors that either pop or allow those other features to shine. Let your personality show and make your home a place you are truly proud of by using color to highlight your favorite features.

Trust Milcon Design & Build With All Your
Exterior Trim Needs In Chantilly, VA

If you are ready to add new exterior trim to your Fairfax County home, ensure you know the many options.

At Milcon Design And Build, we are happy to help you choose an exterior trim that will beautify your home, boost its curb appeal, and last for many decades. We have a huge selection and something for every preference and taste.

If you are ready to get started with your exterior trim project, Contact Milcon Design & Build for a free estimate.

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