Popular Colors For Exterior Trim In Herndon, VA

The Most Popular Exterior Trim Colors For
Different Style Homes In Herndon, VA

Choose The Perfect Exterior Trim
Color To Make Your Home Pop

When it comes time to choose your perfect exterior trim color for your home in Herndon, VA, it can feel like you are being bombarded with a lot of options.

One of the most wonderful parts of exterior trim is just how customizable it is.

You can choose anything from white trim to bright purple trim. The options are limitless and are completely up to you.

But we suggest choosing a color that gels with your home’s overall style and unique architecture to really make your home feel cohesive and improve its overall curb appeal.

Here are a few of the most popular exterior trim color selections for homeowners that are perfect for your home’s overall style.

Gorgeous White Exterior Trim For Timeless Elegance

If your home is a traditional and stunning colonial, or if you are going for a more cottage-type vibe, a timeless white trim can be the perfect option.

White trim has stood the test of time as the classic choice for exterior trim options, and it’s not hard to see why.

By adding white trim to your windows or doors, you can provide a stunning contrast against a wide variety of siding colors.

Highlight your home’s classic feel with trim that never goes out of style.

Go For A Modern Look In Fairfax County With Gray Trim

If your home has more of a modern and contemporary feel, you could turn to the popular option of a stunning gray trim.

Gray trim is perfect for a home with minimalist and smooth architecture and can add a sophisticated feel to your home’s curb appeal.

You can accentuate beautiful gray trim with contrasting siding to make your home’s exterior really stand out.

Deep Natural Colors For Your Fairfax County Home

Do you want your home to feel more connected to the nature around it? Then a deep, natural color like a gorgeous green or eye-catching yellow and orange stains may be the popular exterior trim colors for you.

Deep, natural colors are perfect for Craftsman-style homes and give your home an earthy and vintage feel that is sure to catch your neighbor’s attention.

You could also turn to an earthy taupe for a cozy appearance that blends perfectly with your natural surroundings and makes your home feel one with the earth.

Bringing Out Rustic Charm With Cedar Brown Trim

A stunning cedar brown window and door trim has been a highly sought-after option for any homeowner who wants their home to exude rustic.

This is perfect for any home with natural stone or wooden exteriors and complements the warm earthy tones of your charming house.

Cedar brown trim adds character to your home’s look and brings a traditional style vibe.

Timeless And Versatile Black Exterior Trim

Black trim, like white trim, has been a timeless classic for homeowners regardless of a home’s architectural style.

Looking for a modern feel? Black exterior trim can add a modern touch to your home.

Looking to highlight your home’s unique architectural features? You can turn to black exterior trim to make your architectural details stand out.

Just like white, black is a wonderful addition to any home that might be looking for an exterior trim that seamlessly complements most siding colors.

Black exterior trim is sure to make your home stand out from the crowd.

The Popular Exterior Trim For Coastal Style Homes

You don’t have to live on the beach to bring a coastal feel to your home. Bring the beach to you with a gorgeous light blue and create a fresh and inviting look.

Blue is a great option for homeowners looking to bring a beach feel to their neighborhood, and it has the added benefit of being a wonderful complement to some of the most popular siding selections.

Make your home a seaside getaway with a sense of unmatched tranquility by adding some light blues to your window and door exterior trim.

If you are looking for the perfect exterior trim color to make your home pop in Herndon, VA, reach out to Milcon Design & Build today for your free quote.

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