Problems That Can Arise From Installing Your Own Front Entry Door

6 Problems You Could Encounter If You Try To Install
Your Own Ashburn, VA Entry Door

DIY Is NOT The Route To Go With
Residential Entry Doors

Your Ashburn, VA, home may have one or several entry doors to get inside the house. However, whenever your entry door is no longer looking or performing as well as it once did, you may consider an entry door replacement.

Is entry door replacement a DIY job? If you were to believe everything you see on YouTube, it seems like a great DIY project – as several people decide to tackle it independently. However, those videos leave out many issues people face when installing entry doors.

You will face many problems if you try to install an entry door on your own – that is why you should always let professional installers handle the installation process.

Check out these six problems you want to avoid regarding the entry doors in your Loudoun County area home.

1. Losing Energy Efficiency

One of the most significant issues that could be found if you try to install an entry door on your own is how you lose the energy efficiency that comes with these modern doors.

An improperly installed entry door is a huge reason you may see your electric bills go up, as it allows outdoor air to enter your home and lets your cooled or warmed air inside escape.

Even a tiny gap you think does not matter can make a huge difference in how energy efficient your residential entry door is. Why take a chance on higher electric bills? Ultimately, you are not saving any money by attempting a DIY installation due to the loss of energy efficiency.

2. The Weight Of The Door

One problem most homeowners don’t consider when considering a new entry door for their Ashburn, VA, home is the weight of the entry door. How are you going to handle the excess weight?

Not only does the door have to be held upright while trying to install it, but it has to be carried to the location where you are installing it. For many people, the door’s weight is a significant issue because they drop it, drag it, or otherwise break it.

3. Transporting The Entry Door

How will you be getting the entry door to your Loudoun County home? Transporting an entry door can be a huge nightmare. One of the biggest problems people see when they attempt it on their own is getting the door to their home.

Even if you have a truck or trailer that you can load the entry door onto, driving over potholes, on main highways, and the like requires you to ensure the entry door is adequately tied down to avoid these factors affecting it.

The problem is that most people think they can use a simple tow strap and will be good to go – only to get home with a bent frame or broken glass panel.

4. Causing Damage To Your Home

It may seem simple enough to install an entry door into your home, connect a few screws, hang it in the existing frame, and viola, you are done. However, there is more to it than that!

Many people end up trying to force their entry door into their homes, only to damage their homes. Damage may occur to the frame, the exterior outside the front door, or even the floor walking into your home. And that damage can be very costly!

5. The Cost

While you may think you are saving money by installing your Ashburn, VA, entry door on your own, you are not. One of the issues people must consider is the cost of having the proper tools to install an entry door.

If you do not already have the tools – it is just an added expense to the actual cost of the door, and then factoring in learning how to use these tools properly. It can become a significant problem for the installation process.

6. Safety And Security

The entry door of your home is the first step at keeping people out and keeping those in your home safe and secure. Are you comfortable with your DIY skills to feel like the door is installed well enough to be safe and secure?

Many people find that a DIY installation leads to a door that you may have to hip-check to shut, or maybe you have to pull up on the doorknob to get it to lock. In these situations, the residential entry door is less safe and secure than if you let the professionals handle the installation process.

Free Estimates For Your Entry Door Installation In
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If your entry door in your Ashburn, VA, home requires replacing, you should reconsider if you are attempting to do it yourself. The number of problems you could run into may have you out the cost of the door and also make you feel stressed – only to end up with you calling the professionals to handle the installation.

For your free estimate for your front entry door installation, Milcon is here to help. Contact us or call us today at (703) 581-2761 to get started.

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