Protecting Your Home With Flashing

How Flashing Protects Asphalt Roofing
From Leaks In Lovettsville, VA

Stop Long-Term Damage To Your Home

Roof flashing is an important aspect of any roofing system. It plays a vital role when it comes to protecting your asphalt roofing in Lovettsville, VA from leaks and water damage. With the proper installation of flashing, you can safeguard your home from several issues that would otherwise lead to costly repairs.

The following guide will go over everything related to roof flashing and its various types, as well as how it serves an important role in protecting vulnerable aspects of your Loudoun County home’s roof from water infiltration.

What Is Roof Flashing For Asphalt Roofing?

Roof flashing is a thin material particularly resistant to weather. It’s made of various materials, such as rubber, metal, or plastic. It’s installed in different areas of your roof where water infiltration is likely. It also has the following functions:

  • Stopping Water Intrusion: It serves as a barrier for water infiltration, directing water and melting snow from vulnerable areas.
  • Structural Integrity: By stopping water seeping, flashing maintains the integrity of your home’s structure.
  • Preventing Rot: The prevention of infiltration stops the growth of mold and wood rot on your home. It reduces the likelihood of these things appearing and damaging your home.
  • Energy Efficiency: Roof flashing preserves energy efficiency by keeping your insulation intact and dry, away from outside elements.

Roof flashing is one of the core components of an asphalt shingle roof system. While it is occasionally overlooked, it can protect your home from long-lasting damage when installed properly.

Chimney Flashing

Roof flashing can be broken down into various types. One of the key types is chimney flashing. This flashing is installed around the base of your chimney, preventing water from seeping into the area between your roof and chimney.

Step And Valley Flashing

Step flashing is placed where your asphalt roof meets vertical surfaces, such as a wall. The step flashing channels water from different, critical junctions of your home. On the other hand, valley flashing guides water to flow toward the center of a roof valley, which stops water from pooling on your roof and causing leaks in your home.

Vent Pipe Flashing

Vent pipe flashing is the type that fits around your plumbing’s vent pipes. It gives them a watertight seal that stops leaks from occurring in these areas.

Signs Your Lovettsville, VA Home
Has Flashing Problems

Flashing can last for several years, but there are signs when it is starting to fail. A leaking ceiling or roof is a clear sign that your home is beginning to suffer from water infiltration or even moisture in your attic. These problems have to be dealt with promptly.

You can identify if your flashing is deteriorating, which happens the longer it is exposed to the elements. Watch for signs of rust, cracks, or loose sections of flashing.

Asphalt Roof Flashing Maintenance

You can do several things to prolong the longevity of your roof flashing. Perform regular maintenance at least once a year. This will allow you to catch any signs of damage or deterioration and take care of it before it becomes a noticeable problem for your home.

If you do notice gaps or cracks in your flashing, perform re-caulking. Remember that this is only a temporary fix and should only be used until you call a professional for a long-term solution.

Finally, professional inspections are the best thing you can do for roof flashing. Schedule periodic inspections to identify the condition of your roof flashing and address problems before they get worse.

Call Milcon Design & Build For Roof Flashing
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Roof flashing has many benefits to your home. Without it, the damage can become significant. From mold production to damage to your roof, a lack of flashing may easily lead to the need for a roof replacement.

If you aren’t sure if your home needs replacement or repairs for roof flashing, our team of professionals at Milcon Design & Build is happy to help you. With many years of experience under our belt, we’re proud to give you any assistance and knowledge needed when it comes to roof leaks. Don’t let poor flashing lead to extensive damage to your home.

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