Size Of Patio Doors For Your Sterling, VA Home

Size Of Patio Doors For Your Sterling, VA, Home

Learn About Sizes & Ways To Make Your
Patio Doors Special For
Your Home

If you’re like most Sterling, VA, homeowners, your patio doors are a crucial part of your home. They offer gorgeous natural light and a nice breeze in the spring and summer months. But when it comes to replacing them, choosing the right size patio doors can be tricky.

Many Loudoun Country area homeowners never really give a second thought to their existing patio doors – they only really start to investigate their options when they are looking for a door replacement.

To start searching for the perfect door, it’s best to understand your “why.” Most patio door replacements occur because of age, wear, and tear – the existing doors simply don’t function properly anymore. But others might be seeking an aesthetic change or need updated doors for the style of their home.

Understanding your motivation can help you make the right decision for your space and give you a perfectly sized door that fits your needs.

Why Is Patio Door Size Important?

The current mindset for many things today is that bigger is better. But that is only sometimes the case, especially regarding your Sterling, VA, patio doors.

Your home has been built to accommodate a specific size of patio door – thus, knowing the size of your current patio doors is vital for a perfect fit.

Go too big, and you will find extensive work has to take place to widen the opening. Likewise, go too small, and you’ll destroy your patio doors’ energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

Standard Size Of Patio Doors

Is there a standard size for patio doors? The answer may surprise you, but there is no set standard.

Yes, some sizes are seen more frequently than others. These common sizes include the following:

  • 6’ 8” x 6’
  • 5’ x 8’
  • 8’ x 8’

The above sizes are often two-panel patio doors, which are the most common in our area.

The standard height of any patio door is 80 inches, but that does not mean you will not find shorter or even taller heights when opting for custom patio doors.

Custom-Sized Patio Doors

While the above sizes are considered the average or standard, those options are more custom. For example, some Sterling, VA, homeowners opt for three, four, five, or six-paneled patio doors to increase the door’s dimensions.

These oversized custom doors can offer incredible benefits like increased natural light, breathtaking views of the outdoors, and a stunning focal point for your room. However, if your opening is smaller, considerable construction must be performed to accommodate the size.

Custom-sized patio doors will be built to order, meaning the sky’s the limit in size. Working with a professional door installation team is the best way to find the right combination of size and functionality.

Choosing Your Size Of Patio Door

When opting to replace a patio door, the easiest route is to replace it with the exact size you have currently installed. However, if you have always dreamed of having an even bigger patio door, you can expand the frame to install a larger one.

The key to choosing the size of patio door you require is having the correct measurements, which should be taken by a professional. Being off by only half an inch can result in an ill-fitting door, allowing outdoor air to enter.

A professional installer can measure the opening and explain what options you have and the level of installation it will take to get what you want. Ultimately, installing a door correctly is not a DIY job, as you want the fit to be perfect.

Even the smallest discrepancy in measurements or fit can expose your home to the elements. Beyond being unhappy with the results, you risk leaks and damage to your interior.

Making Your Patio Door A Focal Point Without
Increasing The Size

With patio door replacements, one of many homeowners’ main goals is to make the door a focal point. But if increasing your door size isn’t an option, can you still create a majestic visual?

Our team has many ideas on creating a centerpiece without increasing the size of your patio doors. We’ve listed a few below.

  • Let the interior of your home flow towards the patio doors. For example, setting up lounge chairs and couches that allow you to see outside is a perfect way to make the patio doors stand out in the room.
  • Place an outdoor rug on your deck or patio in bright, corresponding colors with your patio furniture. The rug will draw the eye towards the doors.
  • Choose a patio door color that brightens up your patio. For example, a bright white patio door is beautiful when paired with dark siding.
  • Let the natural light shine through the patio doors, filling the interior with sunshine. It is an easy way to ensure everyone in the household see the beautiful patio doors.

Free Estimates For Your Patio Door Installation In
Sterling, VA

If your patio doors in your Sterling, VA, home are not what you want, or if it is time to upgrade, we are here to help! Milcon is here for all your patio door installation needs and will ensure the result is gorgeous.

Contact us or call us today at (703) 581-2761 for your free estimate!

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