Tips For Selecting The Right Entry Door Style

5 Tips For Selecting The Best Ashburn, VA,
Entry Door Style

Choosing The Right Entry Door Can Be Hard – Our
Tips Make It Easier

When selecting a new entry door for your Ashburn, VA, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all your style choices. Entry doors have become a way to show your personality and enhance your home’s curb appeal even more – thus, all the variances seen in style.

How do you make a choice you will be happy with for many years to come? Luckily, we have five tips to help you narrow down the style selection so you can choose what works best for your Loudoun County home.

The Different Styles Available

Before we get into the various tips you can use to make a decision, it is crucial to start with knowing the different styles available of entry doors. After all, how can you make the best decision if you are unaware of your options?

Flat Door Design

Flat, solid doors are simple, but that doesn’t mean they should be counted on when replacing your entry door. They may be minimalist, but sometimes that is what you need to make your home look amazing.

Contemporary Paneled Door

This style takes the flat door design but adds a little spark to it with designs that are often horizontal panels to give it a more contemporary look.

Traditional Panel

The traditional wood panel type of door will be the more traditional look many people know that often has some kind of window to allow light in and see out. The typical front entry door you think about is the traditional panel door.

Glass Front Door

A glass front door is something that many people choose when they are dealing with a highly modern home. The glass is often glazed to allow light to come in yet enhance the strength of the glass.

Part Glazed Front Door

Much like a glass front, the part glazed front door often has the top of the entry door in glass – while the rest is solid. It is an excellent compromise between wanting a solid door and wanting a glass door as well.

Double Entry Door

For homes with a wide entry, they may opt for a double entry door that is wider than your average doorway when both doors are open. The doors used in a double entry are often solid, with glass inserts.

Tips To Make Your Entry Door Choice

Once you see all your selections for your Ashburn, VA, entry door – where do you start to make a choice? It can be difficult and time-consuming, but your entry door has the potential to be with you for decades – so you must choose wisely.

1. What Will Look Good?

Ask yourself the question, what will look good on your home? The entry door is on the front of your home – the location everyone sees when they pull up to the house. Thus, the door needs to go with the look of the house.

That doesn’t mean you must choose an entry door that matches what you had before. No, you can go with something with a bit more flare if you want to make your door more of a focal point.

When professionals tell homeowners to go with something that looks good, they are often on the wavelength that you don’t want to choose a Spanish-style door that may have glass, wrought iron, and more to put onto a farmhouse that would look amazing with a traditional door.

2. Color Matters

The color of your entry door is going to matter. Most people opt to have the color match their roof or shutters. However, the trend of making your entry door a bright color still draws the eye toward it.

You have to choose what color you want and the result you want to get with your door. Do you want it to blend and match? Or do you want it to be a focal point?

3. Consider The Locks And Security

Ensure that whatever entry door you are leaning towards for your Ashburn, VA, home will be able to accommodate the locks and security you have in mind. In most cases, just about every type of entry door can accommodate traditional, electronic, and other types of locks.

However, you want to ensure your locking system will work before committing to the entry door; otherwise, you may be unhappy with the choice since your security and safety may not be where you want them.

4. Check Out The Latest Trends

It doesn’t hurt to check out the latest trends in entry doors just to get some ideas of what is “hot.” You will want to consider the home style these doors are installed on and determine whether they would fit your style.

However, looking at the latest trends can give you ideas on the style of the door and the color as well!

5. Go With Your Gut Feeling

If you feel overwhelmed by all the choices – which is entirely understandable, remember to go with your gut feeling. If you saw a door and just had that “gut feeling” it would look great – choose it!

Of course, if you find that your gut is being as overwhelmed as you, consider asking for a professional opinion from an installer who has likely installed all styles and colors and seen it all.

Free Estimates For Your Ashburn, VA, Entry Door

If your entry door requires replacing in your Ashburn, VA, home, we are here to handle it. With our fiberglass entry doors, you can find a style that will fit your home perfectly!

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