Top 5 Patio Door Trends In Sterling, VA

Top 5 Patio Door Installation Trends In Sterling, VA

Take Your Patio From Basic To Gorgeous
With These Trends

Enjoying the outdoors at your Sterling, VA, home is even better when you love your home’s patio. However, if your patio is basic or the space has minimal personality – you may not enjoy it as much as you could.

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your Loudoun County area home’s patio is to upgrade your patio door to something fresh and easier on the eyes. But where do you start? There are several types of patio doors on the market, but if you want guidance, check out these five trends!

1. Vinyl Patio Doors

Many Sterling, VA, homeowners opt for vinyl patio doors as they are the most common on the market for reasons like:

  • They are economical compared to other patio doors on the market
  • They are extremely energy-efficient
  • They are exceedingly durable
  • The frames can be customized to fit any exterior design

Vinyl is one of those patio doors where anything goes. You can customize the color of the frame and hardware and even add tinted glass to ensure more privacy. With these options, vinyl patio doors are an excellent option for just about any home.

2. Steel Hinged Patio Doors

For extra security, many homeowners opt for steel-hinged patio doors. While patio doors may be made from vinyl or other materials — the hinges are where the strength is.

The steel hinges can be installed with just about any patio door material, whether you prefer vinyl or even fiberglass.

3. Fiberglass French Patio Doors

Fiberglass French patio doors are undeniably beautiful and a timeless addition to most house styles. They are the most common option when upgrading Sterling, VA, patio doors. Many people opt for fiberglass patio doors because they offer the following:

  • Extreme strength
  • Resistant rotting
  • Low maintenance requirements

Even if you want something other than French-style doors, fiberglass doors can be found in numerous styles that suit your patio.

4. Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are the way to go when space is an issue. Many homeowners will opt for sliding patio doors simply because they are more accessible and space efficient.

Swinging patio doors will have to open in or out to open – taking up valuable space. Sliding doors will eliminate the swinging, so feel free to set the chaise you bought right outside your patio door!

5. Aluminum Patio Doors

The popularity of aluminum patio doors is due to many people preferring narrow frames that come with stock with aluminum doors. The thin frame will mean more visible glass – maximizing the sunlight entering your home.

The benefits of aluminum patio doors include the following:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Less expensive than other options
  • New technology offers aluminum doors that are thermally improved for energy efficiency

How Do You Choose Your Patio Door?

Choosing a patio door may be more complex than you thought. With so many choices, many homeowners debate which type of door best suits their Sterling, VA, home.

After all, the door you choose will be something you see every day – so you want to love it!

1. Consider Your Space

Do you have the space for your patio door to open outward or inwards? Or should you opt for a sliding door to avoid losing space?

By asking yourself these questions, you can decide whether a sliding or regular opening door will be best. This first decision can help narrow down what choices are also available to you.

2. Play With Colors

Remember, you want your patio doors to fit in with the rest of your home. Thus, the frame of your patio doors should typically match your exterior decor. Some like to use a different frame color to make the door stand out – but that can be a bold statement.

Going traditional with colors that match the rest of your exterior will ensure the patio doors look fresh and relevant for many years to come.

3. Pay Attention To The Material

Do you have a ton of spare time in your life? Probably not – as most people have a mile-long to-do list. With this being said, pay attention to the material of the doors to ensure you get a low-maintenance door.

Vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, and wood patio doors are some of the easy-to-maintain materials that require little more than washing from time to time. They will not require painting – which no one has time to do anyways!

4. Ensure There Is Enough Light

Look at the glass in the patio door you are considering. Does it let in enough light? Most Sterling, VA, homeowners want their patio door to let in plenty of light – so make sure you are happy with the amount of light that enters your home before you make your final decision.

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