Ways DIY Roof Repair Can Go Wrong

5 Ways Your Leesburg, VA, DIY Roof
Repair Can Go Wrong

Why A DIY Roof Repair Is The Wrong Choice

There’s nothing better than working on a project around your Leesburg, VA, home. You’re a proud homeowner that’s protecting their investment with DIY fixes and repairs. However, when it comes to DIY roof repair, it’s better to leave it to the professionals. Roofing is a complex and dangerous venture, and without the proper skills and training, it can be a disaster.

Painting a wall versus patching a roof on your own are two very different things. If you make a mistake with a brush or choose the wrong color, you can paint over it to better suit your needs.

However, if you mess up a repair on your roof, it can mean serious damage to your home, a threat to your safety, and a drain on your finances. Your roof is your first line of protection from the elements, and keeping it in good working order is crucial.

Still not convinced a DIY roof repair for your Loudon County home is the wrong choice? We’ve put together a list of five reasons you should avoid DIY repair on your roof.

1. Injury

The number of people who end up in the emergency room due to falling from their roof or suffering some injury while on their roof is pretty astounding. Thousands of homeowners are injured yearly in the United States while working on their roofs.

Roofing requires knowledge, experience, and specialized tools and safety equipment. Even if you’re comfortable climbing up and down a ladder, roofing is a whole different ball game.

When you hire a professional roofing repair company, you can leave all the worry behind. A team of professionals can work more efficiently and safely to fix your roof.

2. Making The Problem Worse

We can’t tell you how many DIY jobs we’ve had to fix over the years. One of the most significant issues that professional asphalt roofers have with homeowners who attempt a DIY roof repair is that they often worsen the problem.

There are several ways in which this can happen:

  • Patching a hole with the wrong items can weaken the roof
  • Using the wrong types of nails allows more water to seep through the exterior
  • Damaging the roof by stepping in the wrong places

There have even been DIY fails in which the homeowner tries to patch a part of their roof and falls through it, resulting in more damage to their Loudon County home. Stay safe, stay smart, and leave the job to the professionals.

3. Costs More Money In The Long Run

One of the main reasons so many Leesburg, VA, homeowners choose a DIY roof repair is to save money. We get it, budgets are tight and the investment for a roof repair is often unplanned.

However, only a small number of people end up saving more money.

Why is this? Often the fix that homeowners do on their own is not a “fix.” As we pointed out, a do-it-yourself repair often exacerbates the existing problem – or creates new ones.

Therefore, the bill to fix your mistakes is even higher than what it would have been had you simply called an asphalt roofer for a precision repair. Additionally, using the wrong materials can impact your home’s energy efficiency. While you may save money upfront, the long-term impact on energy bills will quickly negate your win.

4. Using Substandard Materials

Many DIY homeowners go to their local home improvement store and get the cheapest asphalt shingle to fix their roofs. A shingle is a shingle, right? No!

The various shingles on the market range from inexpensive with short lifespans, to those meant to last for twenty or more years. You are not doing your roof, or your wallet, any favors by using an inexpensive asphalt shingle.

Using substandard materials may fix the problem, but it is common for  homeowners to have the same trouble a few months or a year later due to using substandard materials. Hiring a professional is the only way to fix your roofing problems once and for all. An expert contractor knows what your Leesburg, VA, home needs – and they can work with you to fit your budget.

5. Void Any Warranty

Whenever a homeowner attempts a DIY repair on their roof, they avoid their active warranty.

Remember, a warranty is only good when qualified professionals work on the roof. Once you hammer a nail, or remove a shingle, the warranty is voided.

Your warranty is a great way to save on the work you need, so it’s best to call a professional. A company that’s familiar with manufacturer warranties can help you navigate the tedious process of filing a claim.

Let The Professionals Handle Your Leesburg, VA, Roof

Need a repair on your Leesburg, VA, roof? Don’t become a DIY statistic. Hire the trusted local professionals that can deliver stunning and affordable results.

Call Milcon Design & Build today at (703) 581-2761 to schedule your inspection and determine what is happening with your roof.

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