We’re The Local Roofers That ACTUALLY Care… And We Show It

Why You Should Choose A Local Northern VA Roofer

National Roofing Companies Often Fail To Match
Our Price, Quality, And Level Of Care

We aren’t saying national roofing companies aren’t qualified to work on your roof, but WE ARE saying you’ll (almost always) have a better experience with a LOCAL Northern VA roofer.

Now, why do we say this?

We say this because we’ve witnessed national roofing companies in action, and we’ve heard the stories from homeowners:

  • The project manager gets replaced right in the smack-dab middle of the job
  • The homeowner pays more… after all, the national company has to fund their national ads
  • No one answers the phone when the homeowner tries to make good on their materials and labor “warranty”
  • The national company struggles to manage a seemingly endless amount of roofing jobs, so the homeowner’s project gets put on the back burner, leading to LONG project delays

We can go on and on with the headaches you might face working with a national roofing company.

But the important thing — and the easy solution — is to choose a Northern VA roofing company that is TRULY local.

And at Milcon Design & Build, we’re truly local to Northern VA.

The Owner Is Heavily Involved With YOUR Quote

If you’ve ever worked with a national company, you know the owner (or “CEO”) is a mysterious figure you’ll likely never see. They handle big-picture and long-term concerns (i.e. lawsuits) — they aren’t involved with daily operations.

This means you’ll likely never see them. They’ll never show up to your home… and they’ll probably never talk to you in any fashion whatsoever.

This begs the question: who exactly are you talking to?

In many cases, it’s hired salespeople who are brought onto the team to do all they can to close the sale. In fact, if they’re on commission, they won’t get paid unless they convince YOU to choose THEM. This leads to pushy salespeople at your home pressuring you and overstaying their welcome.

At Milcon Design & Build, we don’t play those games. Not even a little bit. We 100% guarantee you that a salesperson won’t pressure you.

How can we be 100% positive of this? Well, it’s because we don’t have salespeople — and we don’t want them, either!

Here’s what you get instead:

  • The Owner himself quotes you
  • We’re always honest (even if it means we lose your business)
  • The owner’s cell is our company number — you can call him at any time
  • The owner handpicks all installers — and they’re genuinely GOOD PEOPLE

Our Prices Are Lower Than National Companies
And It’s Because We’re Local

Here’s the thing — we’re not the cheapest. That said, you shouldn’t choose the cheapest roofer in Northern VA because you’ll likely get poor materials, lazy efforts, and a roof that breaks down within 10 years.

However, our costs are still lower than national companies, and we use the best roofing materials you’ll find (Yes, this includes GAF)!

But don’t just take our word for it. Let us SHOW why you’ll pay less with us than you will with the “big guys.”

National Roofers Spend INSANE Amounts on Advertising

The national brands you see rely upon outrageous advertising budgets. They’ll run national ads on big sporting events and infiltrate your phone with an ungodly amount of paid ads. We mean, we’re talking 7 to 8-figure ad budgets in some cases.

Now, that’s all well and good, but the problem is you might be the one paying for those ads. Many national roofing companies have to charge incredibly high prices for their services simply to cover the insanely high costs of their marketing.

Needless to say, we don’t do that. We run local ads — not national. And it doesn’t come out of your pocket via higher roofing prices — it comes out of our pockets instead.

Our Installers Do The Job Right The First Time And That Keeps Our Costs Low

The Milcon owner interviews and hires your roofing installers. They’re handpicked, and they’re AMAZING at their job. We mean truly amazing — results you’ll have to see to believe.

It’s much more difficult for national companies to ensure quality installers. After all, they’re managing multiple regions of the country. So, it’s a challenge for them to ensure each roofer they hire meets the local training requirements and has a proven track record.

In fact, it’s all but inevitable they’ll hire a bad one that screws up the job. And because screw-ups DO happen with them, they usually charge higher prices to protect themselves.

With Milcon, your prices remain low, and we fix the very rare mistake we make fast and for free — you won’t pay a cent more.

Our Materials Aren’t Shipped Around Nationally Reducing
“Middlemen” Costs

We minimize costs by ensuring as few stops between the supplier and us as possible. With national companies, this isn’t always the case. The materials may be placed in a warehouse far away before they’re shipped to your area — and each stop they make increases YOUR material costs.

Our material costs are simple and affordable because we cut out the middlemen as much as humanly possible. This means you get the best materials for your roof at a fraction of the cost offered by many national companies.

Milcon Design & Build Are The Local Roofers That Care

If you’re searching for a local Northern VA roofer that offers great value and carries a pristine local reputation, then look no further than Milcon Design & Build. Book a 30-minute exterior remodel quote today.

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