What To Expect During Your Window Replacement Project

What To Expect When Replacing The Windows
In Your Purcellville, VA, Home

A Guide For Preparing And Knowing What To Expect During
Window Replacement

The windows of your Purcellville, VA, home have an essential job. They are not just products that help emit light into your home – they also serve as a barrier to the outside world.

When the windows in your Loudoun County home need replacement, you may be worried about the process or cost, and have several questions about whether window replacement is what you truly need.

Luckily, we have compiled a helpful guide to help ease your concerns and help you to get prepared to replace the windows in your home.

Preparation: Do Your Windows Need To Be Replaced?

One of the first questions many Loudoun County homeowners ask is: do my windows need to be replaced? After all, if the windows are still functioning correctly and you are satisfied with the looks of said windows, replacing them would be a waste of money and time.

So, here are a few clear signs that will signal your windows need to be replaced. These signs include:

  • An increase in the cost of heating and cooling.
  • The windows are starting to get harder to open and close properly.
  • You see condensation appear on the windows.
  • Outdoor noise has gotten louder when compared to when the windows were first installed.
  • On a windy day, you can feel the wind coming into your home around the windows.
  • If you touch your windows, they feel cold during winter, which often signals that the insulating material has deteriorated.

If you notice any of these signs, replacement windows are often needed. Remember that faulty windows can result in losing anywhere from 20-30% of heating and cooling, resulting in higher bills.

In addition, a well-maintained window does have an average lifespan. If your windows are 20-50 years old, depending upon what type of window was installed initially, they could be nearing the end of their life.

Getting Ready For Professionals To Replace Windows

If you decide replacement windows are needed for your Purcellville, VA, home, you must first let the professionals assess. Once they agree that window replacement is the best option, it is time to get your home ready for the work that will be happening.

To prepare your home, follow these five steps:

  1. Clear the area around the windows as well as possible, including the outside. While you do not have to remove plants or shrubs, anything not planted in the ground should be moved safely away. In addition, move any furniture or the like from around the windows inside your home.
  2. Go ahead and remove any window treatments you have hanging to make access to the window easier.
  3. If you have pictures hanging near the windows, you may want to remove these for the installation period, as the work could vibrate the walls and knock them onto the floor.
  4. Disarm your window alarm as not doing so could cause an accidental call to your alarm company.
  5. Make sure you allow the professionals to have a staging area where they can work. For example, some homeowners remove vehicles from a carport to allow professionals to use the area for their tools and materials.

If anything special needs to be done before the window replacement process can take place, your professional installer will let you know beforehand.

The Process Of Replacing Windows

During the installation process, keep clear of the installers so you are not in the way. Most homeowners find it easy to do just by allowing the installers to have free reign of the room in which they install windows.

First, the old window and frame are removed and thrown away. The installers will then add any insulation to the needed frame, place the window in the new opening, and caulk the window for an airtight fit.

The trim or frame is then replaced onto the window to make it look stunning in your home. Depending upon the window size, it may take as little as 10 minutes to install or as long as an hour.

The entire window replacement project in your home can take a day or even a week, depending on how many windows you need replacing and whether other work is being done simultaneously.

FAQs About Window Replacement

Window replacement can be costly, so understandably, people have many questions about the project.

Should You Replace All The Windows At Once?

The answer to this question truly depends upon your end goals and budget. Many people divide the window replacement project into stages throughout the year, starting with the front of the home, moving to the back, and then going upstairs – if applicable. Other people prefer to have every window in the home replaced at the same time.

Are Vinyl Windows The Best For My Home?

Almost every homeowner in the area is going to be using vinyl windows. Vinyl is a superior product that holds up better to the weather experienced in the Northern VA area.

Is Double-Pane Glass The Best Option?

The double pane is the only option for the most energy-efficient window. Almost every window on the market will be energy-efficient double-paned glass to ensure it meets the industry’s energy standards.

Free Quotes For Your Purcellville, VA Window Replacement

If your Purcellville, VA, windows show signs of being ineffective, then it may be time to consider window replacement.

Milcon Design & Build offers RJT Industries windows that are perfectly formulated to handle the weather we see in the area. Call today to schedule an appointment for a quote: (703) 581-2761.

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