Why Are My Asphalt Roof Shingles Curling?

What Causes Asphalt Roof Shingles To Curl
On Homes Near Lovettsville, VA?

Protect Your Home’s Roof From These
Damage-Causing Problems

The asphalt shingle roof on your Lovettsville, VA home can easily fall victim to having ugly curled shingles. Curled shingles don’t just look bad, they can cause damage to your home, too. Homeowners who request home inspections often wonder – what causes curled shingles?

The most common issues that cause curled roof shingles include poor asphalt roofing installation methods, bad ventilation, and even typical wear and tear on the roof. Curled shingles could require a roof repair or asphalt roof replacement by MilCon Design & Build in the Loudoun County area.

Wear And Tear Of Your Asphalt Roofing

You should expect your roof to last decades – 10 to 20 years, if not more. If your roof has provided your home with safe coverage for longer than that, you’ll likely see signs of wear and tear, including curling shingles.

A mixture of weather, like heat and rain, will eventually cause materials within your shingles to break down. Once their lifespan is up, they’ll appear slightly raised toward the middle or edges – called curling.

When age is the biggest concern, asphalt roof replacement may be your best option to keep your family’s home and roof leak-free.

Poorly Aligned Asphalt Roofing Shingles

Shingles have a glue strip on the back, which helps form a protective bond with neighboring shingles. If these strips are not aligned well, they make the shingles much more vulnerable to rainfall creeping in, which will cause the shingles to curl over time.

The solution, of course, is careful installation. This takes time and expertise from a professional asphalt roofing contractor.

Improperly Installed Asphalt Roof Shingles

Installing asphalt shingles on a roof is a precise process. You’ll need the proper amount of nails driven into the right areas to ensure shingles stay flat for decades. Much like poor alignment, nails that are out of place will cause issues over time through rainfall and heat – and you’ll have curled shingles.

Whether you need repair or replacement of your asphalt roof will depend on the number of problem shingles and how long they’ve been a problem. Shingles that have allowed moisture underneath for a long time can cause further problems in the protective layers.

Multi-Layer Asphalt Roofing

We’ll get straight to the point: You should only have one layer of properly installed asphalt shingles on your home’s roof in the Loudoun County area. When replacing your asphalt roof, some asphalt roofing companies will try to convince you to install a new layer of roofing over your old one to avoid the price – and their labor, of removing the old roof.

This is never a good idea. A second layer of roofing can’t be adequately installed because the nails and glue essential to a protective roof won’t be truly secured. Curling will occur faster with this cheap roofing method, and you’ll spend more money – and have more headaches in the long run.

Milcon Design & Build uses only the best materials and methods to install asphalt roofing. No exceptions. We won’t recommend or install a second layer – we’ll only install a new roof after we tear off the old one.

Bad Ventilation On Your Lovettsville, VA Home

Excess moisture is bad for almost anything in or on your home. This is certainly true of the asphalt shingles on your roof. A poorly ventilated attic is a common reason for curled asphalt shingles. Moisture that can’t escape your attic easily builds up and stays in the decking. Moisture will eventually cause your shingles to curl up.

Call Milcon Design & Build For An Asphalt Roofing
Replacement In Lovettsville, VA

Roof replacement and repair is a common solution for curled shingles, and Milcon Design & Build installs roofs and offers repairs that last for decades. Our professional roofing contractor team will use their expertise to get the installation right the first time on your Loudoun County area home.

We would love to come to meet you and take a look at your roof. Call MilCon at (703) 581-2761 to schedule your estimate.

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