Window Installation: Box Store Or Pro In Hillsboro, VA?

Replacing Your Hillsboro, VA Windows:
Buy From A Store Or A Window
Installation Company?

Windows Are An Investment,
So Choose Wisely

When your Hillsboro, VA windows are no longer energy efficient or safe for your home, replacing them is your only natural choice. But how do you go about getting a replacement?

While some homeowners will go to a big box store and purchase various standard windows to fit into their home, just as many contact a window installation company to handle the task.

Which is the best option for you?

Windows for your Loudoun County home are an investment. It makes sense that many homeowners struggle with this question. To help you make the best decision for your home’s windows, we consider whether buying windows from a box store or going with an installation company is your best bet.

1. Windows From Box Stores Are Standard, Not Custom

There may be a limited selection of what you can find at your local box store. After all, they carry standard sizes in stock. Yes, you may be able to order a custom window, but the dimensions you order will be based on your measurements.

Are you confident in your measuring skills to order a house full of windows? Many homeowners are not, and there is no shame in that.

For homeowners who want something custom to their taste, a window installation company will provide that. A window installation company can often install a different window style in the exact location – something you won’t find in box stores.

2. Installation Companies Offer Better
Warranties On Their Windows

You are paying quite a bit for the windows throughout your home, so having a warranty that protects them is well worth it. Most box stores will offer a manufacturer warranty on the brand of the window that is purchased.

However, the fine print may state that the store or a licensed installer must install the window. Otherwise, you void the warranty. In addition, the warranty is often five or ten years at the most.

Window installation companies have their manufacturer warranty, as well as their workmanship warranty. For many companies, the warranty ranges from 25 to over 50 years!

3. With A Company, You Always Have Someone
To Help With Your Windows In The Future

What would you do if a newly installed window started to leak? For those who go to box stores to buy their windows, they are often on their own.

Those who work with an installation company will have the company to call. Due to the way installation companies stand behind their work, they will send someone out to repair or replace the window if there is an issue.

Having someone to rely on if something happens to your windows is a massive comfort to any homeowner.

4. Most Windows From Box Stores Are
Meant For The DIY Homeowner

Are you someone who loves to perform DIY activities throughout your home? The windows at big box stores are often made with DIY homeowners in mind.

If you are uncomfortable handling the task yourself, opting for an installation company makes more sense.

5. Box Store Windows Are Often Cheaper

Windows at box stores are often cheaper than the installation companies’ windows. However, that is because these windows are not customized and do not have a good warranty.

While they may be cheaper upfront, you must weigh whether they will be more affordable for your home in the long run. Remember, “you get what you pay for” is a saying for a reason.

The Best Option: Go With A Window Installation Company

So, what is the best choice for your Hillsboro, VA home when it comes time to replace your windows?

Go with a window installation company!

You will find the benefits of a window installation company far outweigh the benefits that the big box store windows offer.

With an installation company, you have a trained professional who will measure what you need, place a customized order, and install your specific windows. The entire process is out of your hands, which can be a relief for most people as they already have busy days full of stress.

Installing replacement windows in your home should not make you so stressed you regret buying your own home. With an installation company on your side, the stress is minimized, and you will love your new windows.

Due to the lifespan of windows, they are something that you should love immediately. You don’t want to settle for repurposed vinyl windows found at box stores, go with the best the first time around to ensure you are happy.

Free Quotes For Your Hillsboro, VA Windows

For those homeowners in the Hillsboro, VA area who require window replacement services for their homes, we are here for you. Milcon Design & Build offers custom windows from RJT Industries.

RJT Industries makes their windows right here in Virginia for homeowners in the area, as they are designed for the weather we see. And since we work directly with them, we eliminate the middleman makeup, making them more affordable than people realize.

Call us today at (703) 581-2761 for a free quote.

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