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Are Your Hillsboro, VA Windows Failing You?

Watch Out For These Signs Of Failure

Your Hillsboro, VA windows are essential to your home. Yes, they allow natural light in so you can see and feel better while inside your home. And they will enable you to see what is happening in the area outside.

However, your windows are also a barrier between you and the exterior elements. So, while your windows let in the natural light, they should block UV rays and stop heat from entering. Likewise, in the winter, your windows should prevent the cold from leaking into your home.

While you may consider your windows an accessory to your house, they still serve a function. With this being said, knowing the signs that indicate your Loudoun County windows are failing you is something every homeowner needs to know.

1. Your Windows Are Hot Or Cold To The Touch

Ideally, your windows should feel very close in temperature to what the interior of your home feels like. However, if you touch your window during the summer, and it’s warm on your skin, or during the winter, it feels like touching a block of ice – then you may have a problem.

This often means that your windows are worn out and do not provide the insulation your home needs. When this happens, many people notice that rooms with many windows are hotter or colder than other areas, depending on the season.

2. Windows Are Not Opening Or Shutting Properly

When you notice that your Hillsboro, VA windows are not shutting or opening correctly, you have significant issues. It could be due to a damaged window frame, which creates a new set of worries. It could also mean your window is swelling or contracting due to the weather.

When a window is not shutting or opening correctly, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Windows are a safety concern when they are not doing their job to secure your home.

3. Condensation Forms On Your Hillsboro, VA Windows

Have you noticed that your windows are wet inside? Some have windows that have so much condensation that they place towels on the window sill to soak it up.

Condensation signals a low energy efficiency rate. And if the condensation is between the panes of the window, the seal is failing.

In either case, it is time to start looking at a window replacement when you see condensation.

4. You Hear More Noise From Outside
Your Loudoun County Home

One of the first things many customers notice when installing new windows is the noise reduction. Hearing a lot of noise outside your home that wasn’t there before could mean your windows are slowly weakening.

Granted, many homeowners don’t think anything about the noise they hear because the noise amplification has happened slowly over time, and now it seems normal.

5. Feeling Air Around The Windows

On a windy day, take your hand and just hold it up around the window – do you feel air coming in? If you do, your windows are not protecting your home at all!

When the seals around your windows are breaking down, feeling a draft around the window is not uncommon. You may hear the wind whistling around your windows if you have a rather large storm.

6. Your Windows Are An Eyesore

Do your windows appear foggy? Do you see the frame cracking in some locations? When you notice the beauty of the windows is failing, you may consider this your first sign that you need to consider window replacement.

After all, your windows enhance your curb appeal. Thus, your home’s appeal is also decreasing if your windows are looking a little worse for wear.

7. Your Hillsboro, VA Energy Bills Are Higher

Have you noticed that your energy bills are higher than a year ago? Your windows could be playing a huge role in the cost increase.

With the signs we mentioned above, such as condensation, the window being hot or cold to the touch, and feeling drafts around your window, your HVAC system is working harder every day to keep your home at the temperature you have set.

Hence, the higher energy bills!

What Do You Do When Your Windows
Show Signs Of Failure?

If you notice any of the above seven signs, you need to prepare yourself for window replacement. Does it need to happen tomorrow? If your windows are a security issue or falling out of the frame, sooner rather than later is best.

With all the failure signs, it is best to address them as soon as possible, no matter what. Remember, with the inefficiency the windows provide, you are spending more money by letting them remain in your home.

So, start looking for a professional window installer in Loudoun County to check the old windows and consider what type of windows you would like to replace them with.

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You can call us today at (703) 581-2761 for a free quote for the windows in your Hillsboro, VA home. We look forward to working with you.

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