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How long has it been since your Purcellville, VA, roof has been inspected? Did you know that many people have their roofs visually inspected by professionals at least once a year to ensure it’s doing its job?

Plus, it is a great way to determine if a roof will need to be replaced soon, so you can start planning for such a significant purchase.

A roof is just a roof, right? That is where you are wrong! You should never settle for second best regarding your Loudoun County roof.

The roof that protects your family and yourself should fit in with the visuals of your current home, be reliable, and be something you can depend on for years to come. Luckily, Milcon Design & Build is here to ensure you get a beautiful, strong, and dependable roof.

Our Residential Roof Replacement Services

While many people may not give a second thought to their roof – they should. After all, the roof is what protects your home. And yes, while you may not “see” the roof up close and personal – it is still a massive part of your home.

Since you want the best for your Purcellville, VA, roof, we only offer the best for asphalt roofing. We work only with the GAF Lifetime Roofing Systems.

What are GAF Lifetime Roofing Systems? These systems will ensure that you not only have the best fit for your home but something that will last for years to come. The system includes the shingles you see and the underlayment and moisture barriers to ensure you are always safe.

The Lifetime Roofing System from GAF is what we like to say is the cream of the crop – as it is one of the most highly rated roofing systems on the market. We proudly offer it to our customers so they can experience the beauty of having GAF products installed on their homes.

Before you think that having this type of roof installed on your home will be out of your budget, remember that we work directly with GAF for all our products. Because of our minimalistic approach to infrastructure and overhead, we can offer the products anywhere from 20 to 30% less than our competitors.

Plus, due to the tough nature of these products, the chances of having to deal with your roof again in the near future are not a possibility!

Why Do People Choose To Work With Us?

Our past customers return and recommend us to those they know for several reasons. However, our laid-back attitude regarding sales is why they regard us highly.

How often have you heard people complain about pushy salespeople who tried to upgrade them or get them to buy things they do not need? Of course, there are just as many stories of those who succumbed to the pressure and ended up spending way over their budget because of these sales tactics.

Unfortunately, these pushy sales tactics are predominant in the roofing industry. That is where we differ from the competition!

We have a zero-tolerance policy for pushy sales tactics. We believe in being honest with our Loudoun County customers on what they need and then giving them the best price we can. Nothing more, nothing less.

Our attitude towards sales is a refreshing breath of air for most of our customers as they feel no pressure when working with us. We even give you the quote via email after visiting your home, so you feel no pressure to say yes or no right at that moment.

We encourage you to think about what you want to do, talk it over with your significant other, and get back to us when you are comfortable.

FAQs About Our Roofing Services

How can routine maintenance help prevent major roof repairs?

Regular roof maintenance is key to preventing costly repairs down the line. This includes regular inspections, cleaning gutters, removing debris, checking for loose or missing shingles, and monitoring for signs of wear and tear. Our experienced professionals can help you set up an effective maintenance plan.

What are the signs that my roof needs repairs?

Understanding the signs of roof damage is crucial to timely repairs. Look for indicators like missing or damaged shingles, leaks, water stains on your interior ceilings or walls, or granules from shingles in your gutters. Our team can provide a comprehensive inspection to assess your roof's condition accurately.

What should I do if my roof is leaking?

A leaking roof requires immediate attention to prevent further damage. It's important to locate the source of the leak and determine whether a simple repair will suffice, or if a more extensive solution is needed. Our skilled technicians are prepared to handle any roof leaks quickly and efficiently.

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