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We’re The Passionate, Grassroots Exterior Remodeler Of Northern VA & MD

Deeply Invested In Our Community And In Making A Local Difference

As a locally-owned company deeply connected to the Northern Virginia and Maryland areas, we’re passionate about putting our best “friendly neighbor” foot forward. This is a far cry from the national brand exterior remodelers who merely treat you like a dollar sign on an expansive spreadsheet to meet quota.

We understand the importance of being a part of the community, which is why we’re even MORE determined to impress you.

You might even find us at the grocery store, our kids’ mutual sporting event, the local post office, or out and about in general. So we will ALWAYS strive to leave a positive impression.

Through our core values and beyond.

It’s our goal to one day hear, “Hey! You guys did a GREAT job on my roof! She’s holding up strong and still looking as good as new!” from across a grocery aisle (okay, maybe not THAT specific a shout out, but one can only hope!).

There’s nothing that beats the thrill of being known as a local business who makes a local difference.

We Give Our Neighbors Options

Being locally-based in the Northern VA area allows us to respond quickly to your needs.

If you only need a roof repair, we offer a flat rate $650 for a deep inspection and repair. If a replacement is later required, we’ll deduct the $650 from your roof replacement cost.

Plus, our “local-ness” greatly aids us to be able to finish a roof repair in an impressive 24-48 hours.

It goes without saying, as part of the community and DMV at large, we’re dedicated to providing fast, efficient, and reliable service to our neighbors.

Rapidly Expanding Customer Base

Are we new to the exterior contractor world? Well, sort of.

Though recently founded, our owner has over 20 years of experience in exterior remodeling. Add in the fact that the combined experience of our fully-credentialed and highly-trained crew totals over 100 years experience, and your home will ALWAYS be in good hands with us.

Our rapidly growing reviews showcase our exceptional work and commitment to excellence.

Locally Owned And Operated Can Make All The Difference

Owner Matt Kavanah knows the Northern VA area like the back of his hand, having been here for over 35 years.

Here’s what it means for YOU:

  1. Personalized Service – A locally-owned business understands the specific needs and preferences of the community, enabling us to provide more tailored solutions and a higher level of customer satisfaction.
  2. Local Economic Support – By choosing a locally owned business, you’re investing in your community, helping to create jobs, and fostering the growth of other local businesses.
  3. Faster Response Times – Local businesses have shorter distances to travel and are more familiar with the area, allowing us to respond more quickly to customer needs, emergencies, or any unique situations that may arise.

That’s why whenever you hear the words “go local,” it always carries a positive connotation!

Stable Finances

We’re not just another fly-by-night contractor. ESPECIALLY when it comes to our financial responsibility.

As a fully licensed and insured roofer, we take our responsibilities extremely seriously, safeguarding you from any potential issues that might arise during the job.

Our stable finances not only reflect our commitment to professionalism but also guarantee that your home is in good hands. With us, you can trust that we’ll be there for you when you need us most, providing reliable service and unwavering support throughout the entire process.

Our Story

Want to know how much we mean it when we say we’re your “minimal markup, locally-driven, do-the-job-100%-right” contractor?

Then check out our totally awesome story on how Milcon Design & Build was founded. You’ll quickly come to realize, we mean business. And we intend to right the wrongs of an industry that’s lost its way.

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