10 Questions To Ask When Choosing Great Falls, VA Entry Doors

10 Questions To Ask When Buying New Entry
Doors For Your Great Falls, VA Home

Asking The Right Questions Can Ensure
You Love Your New Entry Door

When buying Great Falls, VA entry doors for your home, you probably have tons of questions about not only the entry door but your taste as well. After all, you want an entry door that will make your home have fantastic curb appeal while being completely functional.

For Fairfax County homeowners who have “entry door” written on their to-do list, there is no better time than the present to start narrowing down your options and finding precisely what you want.

Check out these ten questions to ask yourself and your professional about entry doors before committing!

1. What Is The Best Material For Entry Doors?

Asking a professional about the materials is a great way to limit your options. You undoubtedly want the best door material, and opting for the best will ensure your door is strong!

Two of the most common materials used for entry doors include fiberglass and steel. Both of these are great against the Virginia weather and stay looking beautiful for years to come.

2. What Style Of Entry Doors Suit You?

This is a highly personal question, as what suits you may not be the best option for your neighbor. Hence, you may need to decide on what you like best.

Our best advice is to look at the various styles and see which ones pop out at you. For example, do you want a fiberglass entry door with frosted glass in the middle?

Would you rather have French doors used as your entrance?

These are all styles available, but something you must decide for yourself. Keep in mind that the style of your home can help you narrow down your choices.

3. How Energy-Efficient Are The Entry
Doors You Are Considering?

Once you have narrowed down the choices as to what you would like in your home, it is time to consider energy efficiency. After all, upgrading your entry doors should add beauty to your curb appeal, but you can also opt for one that will save you money on energy bills!

When you opt for fiberglass or steel entry doors, you will find that the energy efficiency ratings are at the top of their game. Depending on the state of your old entry door, you may notice a small or significant savings on your energy bill.

4. What Is The Best Door Lock For
The Entry Door Of Your Choice?

Your professional installer can guide you through the various options you have concerning door locks. You want to choose one that makes you feel safe in your home.

While you can go with a traditional knob and deadbolt, many people consider more advanced door locks that require a keypad. However, it all depends on what you want and are comfortable with on your door.

5. Do Entry Doors Swing Out Or In?

How will your entry door open? Traditionally, entry doors swing in as they are meant to welcome people to step into your home.

However, the outward opening of entry doors is becoming a trend seen in areas with lots of wind damage, such as hurricane-prone areas. The reason for this is that if the door opens outward, it is not likely to get blown into the home, causing damage.

Most people in the Great Falls, VA area opt for the traditional swinging-in entry doors.

6. What Type Of Warranty Comes With Entry Doors?

When looking at your options for entry doors, ask about the warranty included with installation. Does the warranty cover the door and the workmanship to install it?

You want a warranty that protects not only the entry door but also the installation to ensure all your bases are covered.

7. How Long Will It Take To Install The Entry Doors?

The time it will take to install the entry doors on your home varies, depending on your unique situation. However, asking this of your professional is a common question as you want to determine a time that works best for your schedule so you are present during installation.

In most cases, entry doors take a half day or so to install. No professional installer wants to remove an entry door and wait another three days to install the new one, which will put your home at risk.

8. What Colors Are Available For Entry Doors?

When looking at the various styles of entry doors you have to choose from, don’t forget about colors! The days of only having to select from neutral-colored options are gone!

More manufacturers offer various color options, including yellows, blues, greens, etc. You can choose a door color based on the rest of your home to help it look more natural, or you can opt for a bold color that makes your door stand out!

9. How Will Your Chosen Entry Doors Hold Up To Weather?

If you opt for a fiberglass or steel entry door, you will discover it will withstand weather reasonably well. With the advances in door technology, your door should stay looking beautiful for many years to come.

However, you can ask your installer about what methods are used to ensure the door will retain its appearance. After all, you don’t want to replace it again in a few years because it looks faded and old.

10. How Can You Personalize The Entry
Doors You Have Chosen?

Are there any ways to personalize the door even further? Most manufacturers will offer personalization options, allowing you to make your door unique.

Unique doors are becoming one of the ways that people set their homes apart from the others in the neighborhood.

Free Estimates For Your Great Falls, VA Entry Doors

If you require entry doors for your Great Falls, VA home, Milcon Design & Build is here to help. We offer ProVia entry doors designed to handle the weather while also looking amazing on homes.

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