4 Tips To Properly Maintain Your Reston, VA Vinyl Siding

4 Tips To Properly Maintain Your Beautiful
Reston, VA Vinyl Siding

Ensure Gorgeous Vinyl Siding
For Years To Come

Maintaining your Reston, VA vinyl siding is easier than most people think. And while vinyl is considered low maintenance, there are still a few things you need to do to maintain your gorgeous siding.

These tasks will ensure your Fairfax County home’s vinyl siding stays looking great for many years, ensuring you get the life out of the product. When properly maintained, vinyl siding can last for twenty or more years.

Thus, if you want to get your money’s worth and ensure your home looks amazing, you will want to remember these four tips for maintaining your vinyl siding.

1. Trim Bushes And Trees Near Your Vinyl Siding

Almost every home has shrubbery, trees, bushes, or plants that grow near it. However, these items can damage your vinyl siding.

Tree branches scratching your vinyl can lead to cracks or holes if you have a severe storm. So, you should trim these items to avoid damaging your siding.

A good rule of thumb is to check what needs to be trimmed every season so you are not blindsided by a tree branch cracking the siding.

2. Vinyl Siding Needs To Be Washed

Yes, vinyl siding may be considered low maintenance compared to other exterior materials, but it still needs to be washed to maintain its beauty.

Luckily, you are not going to be washing your vinyl every month. Most homeowners tackle this task once a year.

How can you wash the vinyl without damaging it? You will need these items to successfully clean your vinyl without causing damage:

  • Long-handled brush (many people use a soft bristle brush like you find at a car wash)
  • Water hose or a high-pressure hose if there is a lot of grime
  • Mild detergent
  • Sponge
  • Bucket

We recommend washing one side at a time to make it easier. To start, fill your bucket with water and mild detergent.

Next, spray the siding with water. Then use a sponge for wiping areas around the windows you can reach and the long-handled brush for areas out of reach.

Spray the brushed areas with the water hose until the water runs clear and no soap remains on the siding.

It is as easy as that! Most people can complete this task in one day when the weather is favorable.

A word of advice if you decide to use a power washer to wash your vinyl – be careful! Power washers have a ton of power behind them, which can cause damage. You should follow the vinyl siding manufacturer’s guidelines for upkeep to avoid potentially voiding your warranty.

3. Never Use Harsh Chemicals On Your Vinyl Siding

Avoid putting any harsh chemicals on your siding. This refers to what you may be cleaning the siding with and any other chemical you may spray around your house.

Harsh chemicals not made to be near vinyl siding can cause the vinyl to decompose quickly, discolor the siding, and much more. So, what does it mean for you?

Avoid spraying weed killer near the siding. While you can still use these chemicals on your landscaping, be controlled in how they are applied. For example, lay down a small tarp that covers the vinyl before spraying.

4. Give Your Vinyl Siding A Visual Inspection

Visually inspect your siding from time to time. If you get a severe storm, check your siding much like you would your roof to spot potential damage before it becomes a major headache.

If you notice anything out of the norm, then take steps to fix it. Check with your vinyl siding contractor about your warranty. Many warranties will cover repairs or replacements in certain circumstances.

Maintain Your Vinyl Siding To Ensure Longevity

Compared to other materials used on homes, you will find that vinyl siding is relatively easy to maintain and care for. The key is to be consistent, take your time cleaning, and be careful of what you put on it.

By taking the time to maintain your vinyl, you will be happy for years to come with how it looks. However, if your current vinyl has passed its expiration, consider replacing it.

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