5 Questions To Determine If A Reston, VA, Vinyl Siding Company Is Legitimate

5 Questions To Determine If A Reston, VA,
Vinyl Siding Company Is Legitimate

Find The Best Vinyl Siding Company
To Ensure A Great Job

Replacing the vinyl siding on your Reston, VA, home is not a DIY job. However, it is also not a job for someone who has yet to learn what they are doing.

Unfortunately, several Fairfax County homeowners have learned the hard way not to trust every company that states they can install your vinyl siding.

You must diligently choose a vinyl siding contractor to handle your replacement. Ultimately, you want an honest company that does a spectacular job, stands behind its installation, and values customer service.

It’s not asking for much, right?

The good news is that you have taken the first step in ensuring your vinyl siding is replaced by a company you can trust by being here. Check out these five questions that will help you weed out phony companies from legitimate companies.

1. Does The Vinyl Siding Company Have An Office To Visit?

It seems that anytime a huge storm passes through the area, we see tons of companies trolling through neighborhoods offering low prices for vinyl siding replacement, roof repairs, and other storm-related jobs.

Sadly, many people choose these “companies” and regret it later. Before you go with someone you meet off the street, ask where their office is located.

Many of these fly-by-night companies will not have an actual office space. Or they will have offices far from the Reston, VA, area.

You will want to choose a vinyl siding company that knows the area and has offices here. When a company has an office, you can rest easier as it often shows they are not hiding and are readily available.

2. What Kind Of Reviews Can You Find
About The Vinyl Siding Company?

Reviews are a great way to determine the validity of any company or product. Check the customer reviews online and read these. What is a common element in these reviews?

Ideally, you want to see your vinyl siding company have numerous reviews, most of which are positive. Yes, there can be some negative reviews, as a company can’t satisfy everyone 100% of the time.

But when you see a negative review, how does the company respond? Did they make things right later? If so, that is a characteristic of a company that cares about its reputation and work.

3. Does The Vinyl Siding Company
Have Brands They Work With?

Many companies install anything and everything when it comes to vinyl siding. What does this mean? It could mean nothing, but for many people, it means getting contractors who slap whatever vinyl onto a house and call it a day, regardless of how it fits.

You want a company with certain brands they work with because they know the vinyl will last many years. Plus, contractors are considered the best for installation when working with just a few select brands.

And who doesn’t want the best person to install the vinyl siding on your home?

4. What Is The Final Price On The Vinyl Siding Project?

If you get a price quoted to you that is lower than the rest of the competition, it does not mean this is the company to choose. Believe it or not, the price can dictate a legitimate company.

Often legitimate companies are not the cheapest out there. They are giving you a price based on the work and the higher-grade materials they may use.

Fraudulent companies often give a price that is lower in comparison because the siding will be substandard, and the installation itself may be horrible, if it happens at all.

If you compare the prices of what vinyl siding companies are offering, you can often weed out the companies that do not have your best interests at heart.

5. Does The Vinyl Siding Company Have Insurance?

Never work with a vinyl siding company that does not have insurance – that is setting yourself up for a huge disaster. Always ask what their liability and worker’s compensation insurance is.

And yes, the company should be more than willing to give you their license and policy numbers, as these are public information.

If any company comes to your Reston, VA, home and offers to do your vinyl siding without having insurance, run in the other direction!

In cases where homeowners have hired companies with no insurance, if something happens and someone is injured, the bill is left to the homeowner to pay. In addition, if the contractors were to damage your property, you would also be responsible for the cost.

If you are ready to upgrade the vinyl siding on your home, then make sure you do your homework regarding the company you work with. Please don’t get caught working with an illegitimate company, as it could be devastating.

Milcon Design & Build is here for your Reston, VA, vinyl siding needs with free quotes to get you started. And we are happy to answer any of your questions to ensure you are comfortable working with us.

Contact us or call us today at (703) 581-2761.

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