7 Signs That Tell You It Is Time To Replace Your Sterling, VA, Patio Doors

7 Signs That Tell You It Is Time To Replace
Your Sterling, VA, Patio Doors

Your Doors Are Talking, You Just Need To Listen

Keeping your Sterling, VA, home maintained can feel like a never-ending task. Imagine if those walls could really talk, and your home could tell you what needs to be fixed. Well, believe it or not, with a little knowledge and a basic understanding of some telltale signs, your home can “tell” you in a way when there is an issue.

While your Loudoun County area home may not actually “talk” to you, your patio doors can give you clear signals when it is time for a replacement. Knowing what to look for can make choosing when to replace your patio doors much easier.

Let’s look at some of the most common signs that it’s time to replace your patio doors so you’ll know what to watch out for when inspecting your home.

1. Opening And Closing Issues

Do you find yourself having to lean onto the patio door to get it to shut? Or having to pull with all your strength to open it? When opening and closing issues are present, you know something is wrong.

In many cases, it could be the door itself has warped. Or if you are dealing with sliding patio doors, it could mean the track has become damaged or worn down with time and use.

Sticky doors and hard-to-move sliders can be a real pain. Having a professional inspect and replace your patio doors will help you avoid using all your muscles to get onto your patio!

2. Higher Energy Costs

While everyone is experiencing increased prices at the grocery stores, if you notice spikes in your energy costs, your patio door could be to blame. As a patio door ages, the insulation becomes obsolete, allowing outside air to penetrate your home.

Obsolete insulation means you probably feel drafts around the door and may feel cold or heat coming through the door. When this happens, your HVAC system will work harder than ever to keep your set temperature in your home, resulting in higher energy costs.

3. Visual Damage

Do you see any damage when looking at your Sterling, VA, patio door? Damage to the frames, windows, or even the door itself is not good. Granted, damage can make the patio door an eyesore. But, when damage happens to frames and windows, the door is no longer secure or energy efficient.

To best protect your home, having your patio doors inspected and replaced is crucial. Water damage is costly and can even lead to health risks from mold growth.

4. You Worry About Your Safety

Do you place a stick into your sliding glass door to ensure no one else can access your home? Or maybe the lock on your French patio doors doesn’t clasp, so you place a chair against the door?

In either situation, when your patio doors are a security risk, it is time to replace them.

In recent years, new patio doors have been designed to be more secure and safer than ever before. With a new set installed, you can ditch that stick for good and enjoy nights at home stress-free.

5. Patio Doors Do Not Fit Your Design

Many Sterling, VA, homeowners update their homes to keep up with current trends or to make it their style. Patio doors are a vast architectural design feature in your home, but what happens when your newly renovated family room has patio doors that you feel are from another time period?

If your current patio door is not in the same design world as the rest of your home, replacing these can be a great way to feel better about your home while updating your curb appeal.

6. Leaks

When it rains, do you find water pooling inside your home near your patio doors? When leaks are present – it is time to replace the patio door. While some leaks can be repaired, with all the benefits of new patio doors, replacement is the better option.

7. Maintenance Is Too Much

Many homeowners that have wooden patio doors find that as the door ages, the maintenance picks up. If you have difficulty keeping up with the maintenance to ensure the door looks great, replacing your patio door with a maintenance-free option is excellent.

Vinyl is one of those materials that requires little to no maintenance. Often, it only needs a rub down with a rag and soapy water to look its best. There is no sanding and staining like there may be with wooden patio doors, saving you tons of time.

Patio Door Replacement: DIY Or Professional Only?

Once you see any of these signs that point to you needing a patio door replacement, the next big question most homeowners ask is: Is this a DIY task or a professional job?

Simply put, you want professionals to install your patio door. DIY patio door installation is not a simple craft project you can do in a few hours.

Too often, people attempt a DIY replacement only to call the professionals to fix issues that arise when installation is not as good as it should be. Some of the more common DIY installation issues seen include the following:

  • Cracks between the door and frame
  • Ill-fitting doors due to wrong measurements
  • Crooked doors that do not open or close well

DIY installation can ultimately lead you back to where you started, having patio doors that show signs of needing replacing.

Free Estimate For Sterling, VA, Patio Door Replacement

If your Sterling, VA, patio doors are damaged, showing signs of age, won’t shut or open properly, or you hate using them, then replacement is your best option. And Milcon is here with some excellent patio door replacement options.

Contact us or call us today at (703) 581-2761 for your free estimate.

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