A Drastic Roof Replacement And Some “Pinch-Hitting” Siding

A Reston, VA Roof Replacement Where We Went Above And
Beyond The Call Of Duty

Because At Milcon Design & Build, We Don’t Point Fingers.
We Get The Job Done RIGHT.

As we approached the home, we knew. Just from looking at the decaying roof AND siding, we knew… this Reston, VA home was going to be a tough roof replacement.

We knew that even though this distressed homeowner called us out to perform a residential roof replacement, it would take more than just replacing the shingles.

We would need to redeck the entire roof, and with that, we would have to get surgical with the delicate and damaged siding as well.

This roof was harboring extreme moss levels, and the siding had significant damage. It meant we would have to fix aspects of the siding as we progressed with the roof to ensure the home was completely impervious to water.

A damaged siding panel of the home.

Too many other fly-by-night exterior contractors in Northern VA & MD, this task would be too tall of an ask. They’d simply shrug their shoulders and say, “Well… we weren’t called out to do any siding. Just the roof.”

And then only replace what would be convenient for them. Not replace what would ensure the customer’s home is completely protected and ready to stand up to the elements for decades to come.

If said Chuck-in-a-Truck contractor saw this particular roof, they would either:

  • Turn around, never to be heard from again.
  • Use substandard materials and substandard workmanship to put a bandaid over this roof in near emergency status while ignoring the siding.

But because we’re a quality-minded roofer in Northern VA & MD – we went above and beyond to ensure both the roof AND the siding were well taken care of.

Oh, and we even installed two stunning skylights, to boot.

A roof with heavy moss growth on it.

The Roof With Its Own Ecosystem

You read that title right (and you’re seeing that photo right as well).

This roof had so much moss on it that the biology department of a local University could have studied it. And if there’s one thing moss is indicative of, it’s moisture, moisture, and more moisture.

You see, extreme growth is usually indicative of extreme moisture. Plant life needs water to grow and thrive, after all, right? Which is exactly what happened, to the nth degree, with this Reston, VA home.

But not only that, moisture found its way into the inner parts of the roof, and in the case of this home, the siding as well.

Not good.

We knew it would be a daunting task to get this homeowner up and running again.

But because we’re a Northern VA exterior remodeler who is ‘bend over backward obsessed’ with roofing excellence, we spare no effort to ensure each and every one of our Northern VA customers are beyond satisfied with our work.

How We Turned This Roofing Emergency Into AGAF Brochure-Ready Roof Replacement

Roof deck protection being installed.

It’s pretty simple, actually.

Whenever a Northern VA or Maryland home is met with Milcon Design & Build plus GAF roofing systems – excellence is born.

That’s because GAF is – bar none – the industry leader in roofing materials manufacturing. From their extensive list of shingle lines to their premium Tiger Paw™ roof deck underlayment protection.

So replacing this once-mossy roof was as easy as:

And the results do speak for themselves.

We could go on about how GAF offers industry-best warranties on their HDZ shingle lines, and how their entire roofing systems can stand up to nature’s biggest challenges, but that would bore you.

Instead, just know that if you’re reading this and thinking you need a roof replacement in Northern VA or MD… you’re in the right spot to start.

… You can imagine just how pleased these homeowners were with the results.

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