Benefits of Replacing Windows & Siding Together

4 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your
Purcellville, VA Windows And
Siding Together

Replacing Them Simultaneously Can Make
Life Easier

What do you see when you step back and look at your Purcellville, VA home with the eye of an observer, not the eye of someone who calls it home? When many people do this, they notice many items that need fixing – like the siding and the windows.

However, siding and windows are considered totally different upgrades someone can do to their home. But are they more similar than you thought?

The one significant common factor with both siding and windows is that these elements will help your house look amazing. While they are indeed different, sharing this aspect can make many homeowners wonder if they should replace the windows and siding together.

The short answer is yes–you should consider replacing both of these simultaneously as there are several benefits that you will get in doing so. Check out these four benefits of replacing windows and siding simultaneously.

1. Improved Energy Efficiency

How energy efficient would you consider your Loudoun County home? Before making any upgrades to a home, many people find their homes are less energy efficient than they would like. Because of this, they are throwing out as much as 30% of their income on energy that is escaping their home.

Energy efficiency is often the main reason that many homeowners decide that now is the time to replace their siding. After all, when the siding is damaged and old, it does not hold in the heat or air as it should. The same can be said of windows that have gotten older and weaker.

Ideally, if you were to replace the siding on your home in hopes of being more energy efficient without changing the windows, you would only see a slight improvement in your energy bills.

The same can be said of replacing the windows without the siding when the siding is damaged.

The two work hand in hand. If energy efficiency is the number one reason you want to replace these items, then replacing them together is your best option!

2. Better Window Capping

When replacing windows, one of the more tedious parts of the process is ensuring that the window is capped correctly. The capping around the frame will ensure that no water enters your home.

During a routine window replacement, the installer will cut through the siding on the home and then place the frame into the house to ensure it is precisely capped. The installer will then have to put up replacement siding in the cut sections to make it look good.

So, in reality, you are paying for the extra work to remove the siding from around the windows.

If the siding will have to be removed from around the windows in the first place, why not change it? Many installers state that when both are changed together, removing all the old siding to help install the windows ensures a perfect fit.

Plus, with new siding, you have no worries about being told the old stuff is so old that they can’t match it if you were to go with only having the windows replaced.

3. More Cost Effective

Having both projects done simultaneously on your Purcellville, VA, home can be more cost-effective. You should talk with your installer about the costs of each and whether combining them could save you a little bit. If both projects need to be completed, saving a few hundred dollars is always a plus for homeowners!

You must also factor in the energy savings you may see after completing both projects. Yes, you will see energy savings from just one project, but imagine how much more savings you could see if you replaced both.

Plus, picture how beautiful your home will look when you have both the siding and windows changed simultaneously!

4. Avoid Damage To Windows And Siding

Despite the best installers, there is always a chance of damage to your siding or windows when you only replace one at a time. For example, complete window replacement will require removing some of your old siding if you have aluminum siding existing.

When the old siding is removed, it may not always be possible to get it looking as seamless as it once was, making you wish you had gone ahead and decided on replacing the siding as well.

When removing the siding, capping sometimes becomes bent around the edges, possibly resulting in leaks later. In most cases, installers recommend changing the capping to avoid future issues – resulting in more money spent.

Replacing Siding And Windows Together Makes Sense

Ultimately, you will find that replacing your siding and windows simultaneously makes the most sense when you are worried about the financial aspects since damage can occur when one or the other is changed.

And if your ultimate goal is to have a home that is highly energy efficient, then replacing both windows and siding will ensure better results.

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