Debunking 5 Myths About Vinyl Siding Many Reston, VA, Homeowners Believe

Debunking 5 Myths About Vinyl Siding Many
Reston, VA, Homeowners Believe

Don’t Let These Myths Turn You Away
From Beautiful Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a commonly seen exterior of many Reston, VA, homes. However, despite vinyl’s popularity, several myths surround it.

Due to believing these myths, many Fairfax County homeowners do not choose vinyl siding for their exterior remodeling project. You should check out these five myths and truths when considering vinyl siding.

Understanding vinyl siding could help cement your decision to proceed with your exterior remodel!

Myth #1: Vinyl Siding Reduces The Value Of Your Home

One of the biggest myths heard about vinyl siding is how it decreases your property value. When vinyl first came to market, many people looked down on the option as it was more affordable when compared to brick. However, due to the lower cost, the idea that it would lower the value of your home started to run rampant.

Unfortunately, many people still believe the myth and keep it going strong by telling others.

The truth is that vinyl siding has been shown to give homeowners a high return on investment.Those in the renovation market often quote a return on investment as high as 80% when vinyl is installed on a home.

Myth #2: Vinyl Is Horrible For The Environment

Many people are under the assumption that vinyl siding is difficult to recycle. They believe that once old vinyl is replaced, it sits in a landfill somewhere.

However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Vinyl siding can be recycled to help make composite decking, patio furniture, vinyl windows, and much more. 99% of vinyl is recycled, with only 1% being put into landfills.

Myth #3: Vinyl Easily Warps And Buckles

If vinyl siding warps and buckles, it is because of improper installation. That is why it is imperative to use a qualified vinyl siding contractor to install it on your house.

Additionally, this myth came from the original vinyl siding that came out in the 1950s. It was flimsy and prone to buckling. While technology has improved, many still hold onto the belief that it’s the same old material.

When improperly installed, vinyl can warp and buckle due to the rainwater that leaks behind it. Plus, poor installation can cause it to be impacted by the wind.

In addition, the type of vinyl you install on your home can make a difference. Using cheap vinyl found at any home box store will not be as strong against the elements as a product made to handle Reston, VA, weather.

As long as the contractor who installs the vinyl knows what they are doing and the vinyl is rated for the local weather, it should never warp or buckle.

Myth #4: Vinyl Requires A Ton Of Maintenance

The truth is that vinyl is considered one of the more maintenance-free exterior materials you could opt for with your home. A high-grade vinyl will not need to be painted, as it will not fade.

Years ago, the siding that was often used had to be painted every few years. However, the old siding was often manufactured from tin, which would fade and rust.

This myth has hung on in people’s minds due to how siding was over forty years ago. But, the key element to remember is that the old siding was not manufactured from the high-quality vinyl used today.

Myth #5: Vinyl Siding Looks Cheap

Years ago, this myth may have held some truth to it. Today, vinyl siding has advanced so that virtually any color can be found, allowing for more than just the typical white siding.

In addition, there are vinyl siding options that look like wood clapboard, cedar shingles, and the like without the high price tag.

So, no, vinyl siding does not look cheap! The right color combination for any home can make a house look pristine.

Is Vinyl Siding A Good Choice For Your Reston, VA, Home?

It can be easy to fall victim to believing the many myths surrounding vinyl siding. However, the one point that any homeowner needs to know is that vinyl siding is durable, low maintenance, environmentally friendly, and beautiful.

Other benefits of vinyl siding include the following:

  • Weather-resistant
  • Energy-efficient
  • Cost-effective
  • Long-lasting

Because of this, vinyl siding can be an excellent choice for your home, especially if you’re searching for an attractive, cost-effective option.

If you are ready to take your home’s exterior to the next level, Milcon Design & Build is here to help! We offer free quotes for our vinyl siding services.

Contact us or call us today at (703) 581-2761.

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