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The weather in Sterling, VA can be frigid during the winter months, with low temperatures dropping to below freezing on many nights. Thus, a problem many homeowners find themselves having to contend with is cold air that is leaking around their patio door.

And who wants to be sitting in their living room, wrapping a quilt around themselves because of the cold air leaking from the patio doors?

No one!

This is why it is essential to have a patio door that can withstand the cold weather in the Loudoun County area. And yes, many patio doors are designed to withstand frigid temperatures.

Your Main Concern For Patio Doors: Insulation

Searching for a patio door for your Sterling, VA home is all about the insulation. Insulation is what keeps the outside temperature from invading your home.

Not only do you need to be concerned about the window rating in the patio doors, but also the actual material that makes up the door. Otherwise, you may have the equivalent of having a piece of plywood nailed to your door frame.

Fiberglass and vinyl are two of the more common materials used for patio doors. Even those full glass doors will contain fiberglass or vinyl around the windows. Luckily, both of these materials will be fitting for cold weather.

On the inside of vinyl doors will be layers of rubber and insulation to help make these doors air tight and prevent heat from leaking out of your home, while stopping air from coming inside. Fiberglass is solid and when properly installed, form an airtight seal not allowing cold air into your home.

Understanding Patio Door Ratings

The energy ratings that patio doors are given are for the glass in the windows and the material of the door. The material of the door is rated with an R-value, while the window is rated with a U-value.

The key piece of information you should be looking for is the energy-performing rating of the patio door. Look for the nifty logo for Energy Star on any patio door you are considering.

If there is no Energy Star logo on the door, then it is not the best patio door for your home!

The R-Value

The R-value is used to determine the energy efficiency of the door’s material but was initially designed to measure the thermal performance of insulation. The R stands for resistance to heat flow.

For the colder months in the Loudoun County area, the resistance to heat flow means less heat leaving your home – while making it harder for colder air can get into your home.

If the R-value is relatively high, you have a patio door that offers an abundance of insulation. And if the R-value is low, then this is a door to steer clear of. But how high do these values go?

To simplify the rating system, the R-value goes from 1 to 5. For the best insulation, you want a five.

The U-Value

Every window, including the glass in patio doors, will have a U-value, as it measures the insulating efficiency of the window.

What confuses many people is how the U-value is graded. A higher number for the U-value is not a good thing! You want a low U-value for more energy efficiency.

Thus, a U-value of one is better than a three.

When combined, the U-value and the R-value will give you a good understanding of what to expect with the door and whether it will block those cold drafts.

Types Of Exterior Patio Doors For Cold Weather

With this being said, many homeowners believe that the type or style of their exterior patio door will make a difference in how much cold is let into their home.

Will a sliding patio door let in more cold air than a French one?

Will glass patio doors invite the cold in more than a patio door with small decorative windows?

All doors, regardless of the patio door style, can have the same energy efficiency rating.

Therefore, if your heart has been set on full glass patio doors, you don’t have to let cold weather dictate your style choices!

Why Proper Installation Is Important For Your Patio Door

Whether you choose sliding patio doors or full glass ones, the installation is essential to ensure cold air is not leaking into your home.

You can opt for the most energy-efficient patio door on the market, but when installed incorrectly, the energy rating is nothing more than a number. You are not getting any benefit from it.

A professional installer will ensure the frame around your patio door is snug and has no air leaks. In addition, the doors will be hung to ensure they fit correctly. A properly fitting door is the key to avoiding cold air leaking into your home.

If your Sterling, VA, patio doors are letting in cold air, we can help you choose the right door, as well as offer your a free quote to install it. Contact Milcon Design & Build or call us today at (703) 581-2761 to learn more!

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