Enhance Your Sterling VA Outdoor Entertaining With The Right Patio Doors

Enhance Your Sterling, VA, Outdoor
Entertaining Space With The
Right Patio Doors

5 Ideas to Help Your Perfect Patio Doors
Set The Perfect Mood

Do you do a lot of entertaining at your Sterling, VA, home? If you do, you know that making your home ready to accept guests and entertain them can be a lot of work. And you also realize that your outdoor area is one of the best areas you can utilize for hosting people at your home.

However, what if access to your outdoor area requires everyone to walk through a garage or go out the back door, step around a large garden, and only then access the patio or deck? In these situations, the gathering of the flow is disrupted as people trudge through your yard to get where they need to be.

This is why having the right patio doors for our Loudoun County area home can make all the difference in an outdoor gathering that rocks or one needing life support!

And with some out-of-the-box thinking, you can ensure your patio doors are the threshold people walk over and experience a great environment.

Choosing The Right Patio Doors

If you have outdated patio doors installed on your Sterling, VA, home, or maybe you want to upgrade a regular door to a patio door – choosing the right option will make all the difference.

So, how should you choose the best patio door for your outdoor entertaining?

First off, how much room do you have? Many homeowners opt for sliding patio doors for space-saving purposes as they do not open like regular doors.

Secondly, do you have a specific look you want to create? If so, you may have an idea of using French patio doors in your home to complete your desired look. Or maybe you want to opt for a particular patio door color.

Choosing the right patio door for your home boils down to what you want to create and the space you must work with. You should research what you want to create for your outdoor area. Remember, you are creating something you will use for many years – so take the time and do it right.

Professionals can advise you on what will work for the space and what they offer. Patio door installation is not a DIY project – it requires a professional who knows what they are doing.

5 Ideas To Help Your Patio Doors Enhance Your Outdoor Area

Consider some of these ideas if you are still considering what patio doors look best for your outdoor area.

1. Indoor And Outdoor Become One

Many people expand their indoor area to their outdoor with the same colors and themes. With a sliding patio door – it becomes easier to merge the two.

If your patio door is in the family room, you can take the same style to your deck/patio. Use furniture that correlates with the furniture in the family room, use complementary colors, and open up the doors to allow people to stay outside or go inside when needed.

2. Light It Up

Set the mood with lights on your deck – you can make it bright and colorful to help everyone have a great time, or opt for amber lighting to make the area more low-key and relaxing.

When stringing lights, consider putting the lights around the frame of your patio doors to help illuminate their beauty. If your patio is covered, adding hanging lights can allow you to utilize the area without worrying about it being too dark.

3. Tropical Oasis

Many homeowners with sliding patio doors make their deck a tropical oasis where they can easily relax and entertain. Once the sliding patio door is open, you can step into a relaxing area.

Install a small tiki bar or a hot tub on the deck, and consider adding some tropical plants to make the feel of a vacation oasis in your backyard. Don’t be surprised if your patio becomes your friends and family’s go-to gathering place!

4. Outdoor Kitchen

If you are one of those people who love to grill, then your patio or deck most likely houses a grill or even a complete outdoor kitchen — if you’re lucky. When you want your patio doors to enhance cooking fluidity – go with sliding patio doors.

Sliding doors will be much easier to handle when your hands are full of cooking utensils, burgers, hot dogs, and other grilling materials.

5. Kid Friendly

If your outdoor entertaining is all about the family and kids, you want to ensure your patio doors are easy to open. Sliding or French patio doors can be a great option in these cases.

With tempered glass and vinyl frame material, your patio doors will hold up to the kids opening the doors, running outside to the trampoline or pool, and running back a few minutes later for a juice box. Not only is the door safe, but it will also look fantastic!

Free Estimate For Patio Door Installation For Your
Sterling, VA Home

If you are ready to make your patio doors match the goal of your outdoor space and ensure the doors enhance the look – we are here to make it happen as we offer numerous patio door options to make your ideas come to life.

Contact us or call us today at (703) 581-2761 for your free estimate!

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