Glass Exterior Doors In Your Ashburn, VA, Home: Are They Safe?

Are You Safe In Your Ashburn, VA, Home
With Glass Exterior Doors?

While Breathtaking – Are Exterior Glass
Doors Safe?

Glass exterior doors in an Ashburn, VA, home can be beautiful. Glass doors add a lightness to your entryway, which can be hard to achieve. Plus, it can significantly enhance your curb appeal.

However, while gorgeous, are glass exterior doors a safe option? After all, the idea of glass means it is transparent, making it easy enough for others to see into your home. Then there is also the worry that glass exterior doors can easily be broken with a heavy object by an intruder.

Let’s look at whether you should consider glass exterior doors for your Loudoun County area home or if you should look at other alternatives.

Pros & Cons Of Glass Exterior Doors

Let’s face it – exterior glass doors are definitely a focal point for any Ashburn, VA, home. It is easy to see why so many people consider exterior glass doors for their houses. Some of the benefits of having exterior glass doors include:

  • Glass doors are regarded as low maintenance as they do not require painting or staining
  • Fantastic view of your outside
  • Lights up your interior space
  • It can make your home feel more airy and open

However, before you decide to jump onto the glass door bandwagon, there are some disadvantages you need to know about glass doors. These cons include:

  • A lower energy efficiency rating when compared to a solid door
  • Lack of privacy
  • Safety issues associated with strength when compared to a solid door

While energy efficiency is always something to be concerned about, most people are more worried about the safety issues that exterior glass doors may bring to your home.

Safety Issues Associated With Glass Exterior Doors

You must consider several safety issues when installing glass exterior doors in your home or already have these doors.

Security Nightmare

Let’s face it – glass is less solid than fiberglass or steel entry doors. Therefore, it is weaker. However, many argue that glass doors made with tempered or laminated glass are considered high-quality “safety” glass. If your exterior doors have “safety” glass, it minimizes the chance of breakage.

Safety glass is still breakable – it just makes it more challenging. If you have opted for a low-quality exterior glass door, chances are it does not have safety glass and will be easy to break.

Lack Of Privacy

Privacy is in question when you have a glass exterior door. If someone walks up to your front door, they can easily see into your home. On the other hand, seeing outside your house appeals to many homeowners who want to see who may be coming to their front door.

You have to ask yourself if you are willing to take the risk of any passers seeing into your home because of your glass doors.

Potential Injury

Have you considered the injuries a glass door could cause you or your family? This may be more pertinent to those with children in their homes – or even those who are more accident-prone than others.

Depending upon the type of glass used in the door – there have been situations in which a person closes their door or the wind grabs it harshly, breaking it and causing injuries.

Is this likely to happen to you? The probability is not high – but do you feel safe with the potential that it could happen?

How To Improve The Safety Of Your Exterior Glass Doors

For those who do have exterior glass doors and want to improve the safety of their Ashburn, VA, home, there are several things you can do to make it safer.

Cover The Glass

One of the easiest ways to add a bit of safety and privacy to your glass doors is to cover the glass, especially at night when it is easier to see into your home. Some ways to protect the glass include:

  • Have curtains placed onto the glass door
  • Opt for blinds or shades that are fitted to the glass door
  • Use interior shutters so you can easily cover the glass door
  • Consider replacing the clear glass with frosted glass
  • Tint the glass to make it harder for people to see in

A cover for the exterior glass is an easy way to choose when the light can come into your home and when people can see into your home.

Replace The Door

If the pitfalls of an exterior glass door are too much, then consider replacing the door with a steel or fiberglass entry door. These are solid doors that are going to provide you with more security and enhance your safety.

Thanks to the glass door, you don’t have to lose the sunlight that streams into your home by installing sidelights or even transoms with the new entry door. Luckily, you have tons of options for replacing your glass door – and you will find that with all of the visual possibilities, there will be more than one way to beautify your entryway.

Add Extra Security

Many Loudoun County area homeowners keep their exterior glass doors but add extra security to feel safer. Some of the methods they use include:

  • Installing motion detection lights near their entryway
  • Having security alarms installed throughout their home
  • Adding in a sign that shows their home is monitored by security companies – often a deterrent to criminals
  • Ensuring their exterior glass doors have safety glass installed

Taking the time to ensure you are safe in your home will make your life more peaceful!

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Whether you are looking to replace your exterior glass doors in your Ashburn, VA, home for safety and security issues, or it is time to change the looks of your home, we are here for you. We offer steel and fiberglass entry doors that are super beautiful and safe.

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