How To Customize Your Patio Doors

Tips For Customizing Your New
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There are many different types of patio doors for your Vienna, VA, home. If you’re considering a patio door replacement soon, you’ll want to know as much about patio doors as possible before making any crucial decisions.

While it can seem simple to choose a few options for your new patio doors, sometimes it can be overwhelming when all those options are laid out in front of you.

At Milcon, not only are we a trusted name in exterior home remodeling and can offer you exceptional patio door replacements, but we’d also like to share with you some information on how to customize your patio doors.

Let’s look at some things that might make customizing your new patio doors easier in Fairfax County.

Types Of Patio Doors

The first thing to consider is what type of patio doors you want to be installed. The most common types are sliding patio doors, French patio doors, and bi-fold patio doors.

As with most patio doors, they are primarily made of glass.

Sliding patio doors slide on a track and open horizontally. French doors are double doors that open outward and swing on hinges, and bi-fold patio doors are built with multiple units of panels. These panels open in a way that looks like an accordion. They’re connected and pushed open either to the right or left.

All three patio door options have advantages and disadvantages. One thing to consider when choosing is how much space you have.

French doors, for example, usually open outward, but if your patio space is limited and you have more room inside your home, your contractor can install French doors to open inward.

As for bi-fold doors, they require a large amount of space to operate correctly. If you don’t have a lot of room, these might not be an excellent option for your home.

If your space is limited inside and outside, you may choose to have a sliding patio door instead. Sliding doors will free up space by not needing to swing to open.

All three types of patio doors are usually mostly made of glass and allow in incredible amounts of light. French doors traditionally have a grid pattern, but not always.

The Building Materials Of Patio Doors

The materials your patio doors will be made of will impact your home. You should keep this in mind when customizing their look.

The usual building materials include aluminum, fiberglass, steel, vinyl, and wood.

Like with the type of door you choose, each material has pros and cons associated with them.

Your taste will determine what you think looks best, but factors like price and durability should also weigh in on your decision.

You might like the look of wood for your patio doors. However, wood doors generally require extra maintenance and can rot, leading to headaches down the road. Some homeowners opt for a material like fiberglass instead, which can be given a wood grain appearance.

Fiberglass is more expensive, but it won’t bring some of the issues wood will. Aluminum and vinyl are durable, low-maintenance options for patio doors. Aluminum, however, is a more costly material than vinyl.

It’s something to keep in mind when you’re choosing a building material. While each can make your patio doors look visually stunning, some are better or worse at insulation or security.

Design Features For Patio Doors

When customizing your patio doors, consider how your indoor space will flow into your outdoor space and vice versa.

The colors you choose for the trim or the grid will significantly impact the overall look of your patio doors.

Speaking of a grid, what type of grid do you want if you choose French doors? What sort of hinges do you want? What door handles will you choose?

Grille designs also change the look of the glass panels in the doors. You can select sidelights that flank your patio doors and expand the area. These operate like windows that typically don’t open but can allow vast amounts of natural light into a room.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when customizing your patio doors in Vienna, VA. Be sure to thoroughly examine your options as you decide how your patio doors will look.

If you are ready for a contractor to install those new patio doors, call Milcon Design & Build at (703) 581-2761 for a free estimate.

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