How To Pick The Right Hardware For Your Entry Door System

6 Tips For Picking The Right Hardware For
Your Ashburn, VA Entry Door

The Right Hardware Can Make All The
Difference In Appeal

Upgrading to a new entry door in your Ashburn, VA, home is a great way to increase curb appeal and help you feel safer. However, while you may have spent a few days acclimating to all your entry door choices, did you consider the hardware?

Entry door hardware is functional, yet it also can change the entire look of a door. Thus, you may have to make significant decisions that could change the whole look of your entry door.

How do you choose the proper hardware for your entry door in your Loudoun County home? Luckily, we have six tips to help you decide which hardware you should opt for on your entry door!

1. Understand Entry Door Handles Types

To help make your choice easier for picking the proper hardware, you need to realize that three main types of door handles are the most popular to use on your entry door.

  • Doorknobs are a classic type of door hardware characterized by the traditional round handle.
  • Door levers are an excellent option for those who have trouble gripping a doorknob or what a way to use their elbow to open the door.
  • Handlesets have a thumb latch and a pull handle to open. They are a very classic look that many homeowners go with when wanting a classical look at their entry door.

The good news is that with almost any type of entry door handle, you can opt for a lock that makes you feel safer indoors. For example, door knobs can be partnered with deadbolts, keyed, and even electronic looks.

We recommend that if you go with a door lever, you ensure you use a deadbolt on the door for extra security.

2. Consider The Hardware Finish

You can choose from several hardware finishes for your Ashburn, VA, entry door. And many you may not have even thought about but could look perfect with your door.

The door finishes that are most popular include:

  • Bronze
  • Nickel
  • Chrome
  • Black
  • Pewter
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Stainless steel
  • Zinc

When looking at all the finishes, it can take effort to imagine which you should choose. Or, then again, you may be wondering why there is such a need for so many options!

You should remember that not all of these finishes will be great for when the entry door sees a lot of weather. Brass has to be specially coated if the entry door does not have an awning or porch covering it.

Also, you must consider that copper is one of those finishes that will patina (turn green or an aqua shade) over time. At the same time, bronze will turn brown as people keep touching the handle due to the natural oils in people’s hands.

3. Choose What Best Coordinates With Your Home

One of the best ways to determine the proper hardware for your Loudoun County entry door is to look at what you use throughout the rest of your home. Most designers will recommend using hardware similar to the finishes used inside the house.

For example, if you have lever-style handles throughout your home, putting this onto your entry door will make a cohesive design. The same can be said for choosing the best type of material for your hardware – keep in line with what you are using inside your home.

4. Consider The Door Function

Do you use your entry door for everything? Or is it the door strangers come to when visiting your home? Many people consider the function of their entry door before deciding on the hardware.

The reason is that if you do not use the entry door that much, then you may not be concerned about the hardware being super easy to use – like many people find a lever handle great when they have their hands full and trying to get into their home.

However, if you go into your home via a garage entrance, you may be more willing to go for looks rather than function with your entry door hardware.

5. Matching Your Door Design

If you have a new entry door installed, you may spend a lot of time deciding on the design of the entry door. Therefore, you better ensure that the hardware will perfectly highlight the new entry door.

A more modern designed entry door will look great with matte black, while a more traditional door will look amazing with brass finishes. You have to consider the door’s design to choose the best hardware to fit it.

6. Choose What Looks Good To You

While tons of “rules” or tips out there are meant to guide what color or finish looks suitable with a specific type of door material, it ultimately boils down to what you want.

The hardware that you are choosing should look good to you.

After all, this is your home in Ashburn, VA; thus, you want to love the look you see when you drive up to your home. Therefore, pair the different combinations and see what stands out to you and your tastes.

Entry Doors And Hardware For Your Ashburn, VA, Home

We are here for you if you are ready to update your entry door and hardware in the Ashburn, VA, area. We offer fiberglass entry doors that are not only beautiful but tough enough to handle anything the area has to offer.

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