How To POLITELY Show Salespeople The Door

How to Politely Say “No” To A Remodeling Salesperson

You MUST Make Your Answer Clear. Otherwise,
The Salesperson Won’t Go Away!

If you’re considering an exterior remodeler in Northern VA, then you might meet with a half dozen (or more) companies.

The fact is some simply won’t be a good fit. Whether you don’t like the price, they don’t put quality first, or your spidey sense is simply giving you negative signals… there will be contractors who just aren’t a good fit.

And you need to tell them “no,” which is a hard thing to do for many homeowners.

Saying “No” To The High-Pressure Salesperson

High-pressure salespeople are the worst, aren’t they?

We’ve all experienced a pushy pitch from a salesperson. Similar to a used car salesperson, they use rehearsed and scripted sales strategies and pricing games to try and convince you to choose them over other exterior remodeling companies in Northern VA.

And no one likes to feel as if they’re being “sales pitched.” So, if you notice it, simply end the conversation and (politely) ask the person to leave.

If they haven’t shown you respect by having a HONEST conversation (rather than a sales pitch), then you shouldn’t feel obligated to spare their feelings when you say you’re not interested.

Saying “No” To The Nice Salesperson With Honest Intentions

Of course, the pestering, high-pressure salespeople are easy to tell “no”… but the nice and honest ones, now that’s where it gets tricky.

And, there ARE honest and nice salespeople. They may even have honest intentions of helping you reach your exterior remodeling goals.

And, honestly, these types of salespeople are the hardest to tell “no.” But you HAVE to do it… and here’s how you can:

  • Firmly say “no” – First things first, you have to make your “no” definitive. They won’t take hints, and even the nice ones won’t leave you alone if you give them a glimmer of hope. It may sound harsh, but it’s the only way.
  • Tell them why (and be honest) – If their quote is too high, tell the salesperson. If you don’t feel the inspection was thorough enough, tell the salesperson. This constructively lets them know how they can improve in the future.
  • Tell them you’ll refer them to others – Completely optional, but if you simply don’t want to hurt their feelings because they’re nice and respectful, then tell them you’ll recommend them to others who need exterior remodeling services. This lets them know their time and effort wasn’t a total waste, and it softens the blow of hearing “no.”

When Should I Say “Yes?” Trust Your Spidey Sense

If you have any qualms about a company, then you should say no. If they’re unable to provide references, say “no.” If they aren’t able to tell you the materials they use (or simply won’t tell you), then say “no.” If their reviews are garbage, say “no.” And if you feel you’re being pitched by a salesperson, then say “no.”

So, when should you say “YES?”

There won’t always be a lightbulb moment where you just KNOW… but in most cases, your spidey sense will likely go off when you find “the one.”

Usually, this happens when you find an honest, straightforward, and helpful exterior remodeler who is NOT a salesperson.

Moreover, we strongly advise not saying “yes” until after they leave (unless you just KNOW). Give yourself time to consider all options, and then make your decision.

In fact, at Milcon, we likely won’t even give you a price until after we leave… and our OWNER will be in and out of your home in 30 minutes. That way, you won’t ever feel pressured.

Tired Of Salespeople? Choose Milcon… We Don’t Have Them

If you’re tired of salespeople and want an honest, no-pressure quote from our OWNER, then contact us today for a free and accurate quote.

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