Inspecting Roofs After Severe Weather In Lovettsville, VA

Reasons To Inspect Your Asphalt Roofing After
Severe Weather In Lovettsville, VA

Catch The Signs Of Roof Damage
Before It Becomes Too Late

A severe storm can lead to tons of damage when it comes to asphalt roofing in Lovettsville, VA. While most storms don’t impact your home, there is the chance that flying debris, harsh winds, or other outside elements can lead to significant damage and the need for repairs.

Even if things don’t seem as if they are damaged, it’s important to inspect your roof after severe weather, just in case. You may find something worth taking care of immediately instead of dealing with a larger problem later. The following will give some key reasons to inspect your roof after each severe storm in Loudoun County.

Protecting Your Home’s Value With Asphalt Roof Repair

Your home’s value heavily depends on several factors, including its appearance. The aesthetic of your home plays a significant role in its resale value.

Regularly performing roof maintenance and repairs after a severe storm allows you to ensure your roof is intact and stays attractive. In many cases, buyers require a roof inspection, so it is better to do it yourself and avoid any surprises.

Meeting Insurance Requirements For Asphalt Roofs

Depending on your insurance plan, you may be required to perform roof inspections after any severe weather event. These inspections also give you documentation for your insurance claims. Without appropriately performing these tasks, you could get a lower payout or have your insurance claim denied entirely.

Maintaining Your Asphalt Shingle Roof Warranty

Warranties are great for homeowners who experience unexpected damage to their homes. However, some roofing warranties require regular asphalt shingle roofing inspections and maintenance. If you don’t adhere to these terms, you may be unable to take advantage of the repairs your warranty covers.

Avoid neglecting these requirements and voiding your warranty, it’ll save you in the long run.

Identifying Visible Damage To Your Asphalt Roof

The main reason to inspect your asphalt roofing is to catch any signs of damage, especially missing shingles. Finding this visual damage will allow you to prevent leaks and further damage to the structure of your home.

You should look for cracks, holes, or punctures in your roof. If you see any visible damage to your roof, perform immediately. The faster you take care of the issue, the less costly it will be in the future.

Catching Asphalt Roof Leaks And Water Damage

Once a leak starts in your home during a storm, it’s hard to deal with it until the storm has passed. Doing a roof inspection will allow you to see what water leaks have come from the roof and the extent of the water damage. If you catch it early enough through regular inspections, you can maintain your roof’s waterproofing.

The Cost Of Not Inspecting Your
Lovettsville, VA Roof

When you allow damage to remain on your roof, it can quickly expand into something more costly than a simple repair. In extreme circumstances, you may need a full roof replacement after several years without an inspection.

When leaks aren’t taken care of, they can cause water damage and harm the structure and foundation of your home. Some homes even suffer from mold and other adverse effects.

In order to ensure the best living experience for your friends and family, you owe it to yourself to regularly perform roof inspections after severe weather. You’ll be glad you did it, and so will everyone who lives in your home.

Let Milcon Design & Build Save Your Asphalt Roof
With The Best Service In Lovettsville, VA

In the event you need to inspect your roof after severe weather, call Milcon Design & Build. Our team of professionals has several years of experience. We’ll identify any potential problems for your roof and give you the information needed to prepare for other severe weather conditions.

As the area’s leading roof replacement and repair services provider, we know the cost of a roof that isn’t properly taken care of. Don’t let another day go by with a potential leak, water damage, or even missing shingles. Whether you want an inspection or a full overhaul of your roof, our team is ready to take the call. Call us today and schedule a quote.

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