Northern VA Contractors Are Messy… We’re The Exception

How We Minimize Messes And Use
A Pristine Cleanup Process

Our Contractors Clean During And
After Your Remodeling Project

At Milcon Design & Build, we respect your home and clean as we go… which isn’t always the case with exterior remodelers in Northern Virginia

The reality is that many exterior remodelers create an absolute mess during installation. It’s one of THE most common issues homeowners have with contractors.

And even when a contractor attempts to clean up afterwards? It’s almost certain you’ll be picking bits of plastic packaging out of your bushes… finding loose nails in your driveway… and coming across all kinds of left-behind clutter WEEKS after the job.

We think that’s just plain DISRESPECTFUL. 

Your home is your castle — period. That’s why we practice pristine clean-up both during AND after your installation.

A Pristine Cleanup Is About More Than Effort…
It Requires a Proven And Definitive Process

The million-dollar question: Why DO exterior remodelers leave messes behind?

Is it laziness? A lack of time? Just a plain, honest oversight?

Who knows.

But what we can tell you is that we’ve eliminated the issue by implementing a real, actual clean-up PROCESS.

Here are the details…

We Clean As We Go — We Don’t Wait Until The End

If you’ve ever cooked a meal, then you know how messy the kitchen gets while you cook. Ultimately, you’re left with a MAJOR cleanup on your hands that takes as long as preparing the meal.

Exterior remodeling projects are no different… if you don’t clean as you go, worksites get really messy. As a result:

  • Disorder and messiness increase the likelihood of project mistakes.
  • Important areas around your home are blocked by the messy contractors.
  • Nails, waste material, and project scraps are inevitably left behind by the crew.
  • Neighbors are annoyed at the eye-sore that is your home and lawn during and after the project.

Well, no fear, because Milcon is here.

At Milcon Design & Build, we avoid project mistakes and angry neighbors because we clean throughout your remodeling project. Whether it’s a new roof, siding, doors, or windows, our team discards all waste materials IMMEDIATELY and doesn’t let stray nails lie around your home.

We Meticulously Inspect The Work Area After We’re Done

We make the final cleanup easy because we clean as we go. However, that’s not to say we aren’t meticulous cleaners after the project as well.

The fact is we’re smart enough to realize that we aren’t perfect — unfortunately, we’re merely human. And whether it’s an overlooked piece of old shingle or accidentally dropping a nail we don’t see, we know there’s still a need to meticulously inspect and clean after the work is done

So, we inspect every inch of the work area to ensure we leave nothing behind. This means no loose nails, no old shingles lying against the side of your home, and certainly no trash left behind. In the end, we don’t “leave your home how we found it” — we leave your home better than we found it.

We’re Not Done Until YOU’RE Satisfied

This is your home, your project. We take that seriously… and we put YOU first. And, you know, we get it if you don’t trust us. Remodelers in Northern VA have (rightfully) earned an infamous reputation for being messy and leaving things behind.

So, we encourage you to please inspect the work area for yourself. If there are areas that still don’t seem clean — or if you find something as simple as a piece of scrap shingle — we’ll double-check the entire work area and ensure all is perfect before we consider your exterior remodeling project complete.

Call The Clean And Pristine Pros
At Milcon Design & Build

If you want an exterior remodeling firm that does amazing work and never leaves a mess behind, book a 30-minute remodeling quote with us today.

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