Questions To Ask When Needing Your Leesburg, VA, Roof Replaced

12 Questions To Ask Your Leesburg, VA,
Roofing Contractor

How To Ensure You Hire The Best Local Roofing Company

When it’s time to replace your Leesburg, VA, roof, you have a lot of difficult decisions to make. Materials, timing, and cost are just a few of the factors you must consider. But before any of that, you must choose the right roofing contractor for the job.

Hiring the right company is essential. It’s not just about who offers the best deal but who will provide the best quality and experience. The right roofing contractor can make all the difference in your satisfaction with the project’s outcome.

Everyone has heard a horror story about a contractor who did shoddy work, took forever to complete the job, or left the homeowner with an unbalanced bill. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, it’s important that you take time to research their services and get references from previous customers.

So before you sign any contracts or agree to any arrangements, consider the 12 items below to vet each company properly.

1. Length Of Time In Business

Be sure to ask any roofing contractor how long they have been in business. The more time, the better!

By understanding how long they have been in business, you can eliminate shady, fly-by-night roofing contractors operating in the area. While that doesn’t mean you should eliminate all new companies from your search, you should proceed with caution.

Even if they are well-meaning, they may not have the operational maturity or experience to deliver the results you need.

2. Does The Company Have Insurance?

Only hire someone with insurance for your Leesburg, VA, roof. Any legitimate company is going to have general liability. General liability is meant to pay for any damage to your house due to the company.

You also want to check for workers’ compensation insurance so that if someone is hurt, they are covering the injury rather than you getting sued for an injury that occurred on your property.

3. Ask For Customer Referrals

Ask the roofing contractor for any customer referrals they can give you. Granted, you can often go online and find reviews about a company. You may also want to ask about any current roofs they are working on so you can drive by and see how it looks and how the company is working on the roof.

4. Is Work Completed By The Company Or By Subcontractors?

Many roofing companies use subcontractors rather than having their own staff handle their projects. The problem with companies that use subcontractors is inconsistency and a lack of accountability.

You want to know who will be working on your roof. If the company uses only subcontractors, you can never tell who is completing the work on your property.

5. What Type Of Licensing Does The Company Have?

In Virginia, every roofer should have an up-to-date license to work on your home. Don’t be afraid to ask for proof of licenses, certifications, or any other information on their ability to complete the job.

If a company has no license, consider it a red flag that they may not do a stellar job on your asphalt roof.

6. What Steps Are Taken To Prevent Damage To
The Landscaping?

A replacement roof for your Loudon County home is a big enough investment without worrying about damage to your landscaping.

We’ve heard many stories of homeowners discovering that their roofing company destroyed all their plants, trees, and flowers. Ask any potential roofing contractor what steps they take to prevent damage to your home and yard.

7. How Are Gutters On Homes Protected?

Ladders are often used to access the work area when installing asphalt roofing. However, ladders can damage your gutters – unless the roofing contractor takes time to safeguard your home.

Replacing your gutter system after a roof repair is an unnecessary expense. Ask the company upfront how they plan on protecting your gutters from damage during the installation.

8. Does The Price Include The Removal Of The Old Roof?

Some contractors surprise their customers with fees for debris and waste removal. You want to ask up front if the price you’re getting includes the removal of your old roof.

If not, ask what it costs to remove the old roof and have them include it in their bid. This way, you can properly budget and plan for all the costs associated with your new roof.

9. What Type Of Warranty Is Included?

Almost every modern asphalt roof will include a manufacturer’s warranty.

However, you want to check what type of warranty they offer on their work. Find out what it covers, how long it lasts, and who is responsible for replacement and repairs.

If no warranty is provided, you are taking a significant gamble on whether it will be installed correctly if the roofing contractor is not guaranteeing their work.

10. What Is The Process For Ensuring No Nails Are
Left Behind?

Nothing is more stressful than a flat tire. But if your roofing contractor isn’t careful, they could leave nails and other potentially harmful materials behind.

Request a magnet be run to ensure no nails are left behind on walkways and the driveway. In most cases, a legitimate roofing contractor will minimize any mess, including nails left behind.

11. Is The Estimate In Writing?

If the roofing contractor gives you a number without giving it in writing, you may want to move on to another choice. Having a formal and detailed cost estimate protects you from hidden or surprise fees being tacked on at the end.

12. What Payment Arrangements Are Offered?

Does the company work with your home insurance company? Do they require a partial fee upfront before starting work? Does the roofing contractor want the entire lump sum upfront?

These are valid payment questions to ask any potential contractor handling your Leesburg, VA, asphalt roofing.

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