Questions To Ask Your Window Contractor Before Signing A Contract

6 Questions To Ask Before Signing The Contract
For Window Replacement In Your
Purcellville, VA Home

Protect Yourself And Ensure Your Home Gets
Beautiful & Functional Windows

When replacing the windows in your Purcellville, VA, home, you don’t want just anyone handling such a large job. Can you imagine letting someone without any idea what they are doing put windows into your home?

The result could be your windows simply falling out of your home or letting in so much heat and cold from outside that the windows are useless in protecting your home. The scenarios of how awful it could be to let an untrained person install your windows are endless.

To protect yourself and your Loudoun County home, you need to know what you should be asking a window replacement professional before you sign the contract.

Check out these seven questions and know what answers to look for to ensure you have picked the right professional for your window replacements.

1. Do They Offer To Finish The Installation Completely?

Yes, you are getting replacement windows, and the most significant portion of the project is removing the old ones and installing the new ones. However, what about the trim work around the window inside your home? Depending on the type of window you are having installed, it may need to have new trim put up. While many people would think this aspect would be a part of the window installation, that’s not always the case. Ask the contractor if it’s needed with your type of install and if so, do they install trim work around the window. Be sure to address any other cosmetic concerns you may have.

2. Are They Insured And Licensed?

This is one of the most important questions to ask anyone you may bring to work on your Purcellville, VA, windows! Having someone not licensed or insured can be a massive headache for you later.

Remember, an insured person will have their insurance to cover if someone gets hurt on the job or somehow damages your property. If you work with someone without insurance, these costs could fall on you.

Having a license to do the work can help you feel better about your decision. Plus, to be a lawful company, many states require that professionals who install windows be licensed to do so.

3. What Type Of Warranty Comes With The Installation?

You always want to work with a company that stands behind its work. It can be a good indicator that they may only offer trustworthy work if they do. Therefore, ask the potential window replacement expert what they would do if there is a problem with the window leaking due to an installation error.

A legitimate professional will stand behind their work and have some type of warranty for the installation process. Go even further by asking what the warranty entails. For example, if the window starts to let in a draft two years from now, is it covered?

4. Are There Certain Brands Of Windows Recommended?

Many professional installers have specific brands of windows that they highly recommend to their customers. While many Loudoun County homeowners would think this means the installer is getting commission off sales, that is not the case.

Having a brand, or several brands, that the company only works with shows that they know what works in that area’s climate zone. It can be a massive point in their favor of being legitimate and offering you top-notch window replacement.

5. What Is The Time Frame For The Job?

Having a time frame that includes not only the time to install the windows throughout your home but also how long it will take to get all the materials needed for the job is a huge help. You don’t want to wait half a year for window replacement.

So, ask the installer what the time frame is and ensure they include the time to get materials and do the job. The answer to this question could play a huge factor in whether you agree to work with the company or not.

6. Is The Professional Pushing You To Sign A Contract?

While this is not a question to ask the installer, it is a question you want to ask yourself. Consider the entire approach of the professional and whether you feel pushed to sign immediately or they let you take your time and answer any questions you may have.

If the professional you are considering is the opposite, they may not genuinely care about your home.

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If your windows require replacing in your Purcellville, VA, home, we are here to help. We are ready to answer all your questions and will be more than happy to discuss any of your concerns before you sign a contract for the work to be done.

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