The Importance Of Vinyl Siding Trim For Your Reston, VA Home

The Importance Of Vinyl Siding
Trim For Reston, VA, Home

Vinyl Siding Without The Proper
Trim Could Be A Disaster

When you decide that vinyl siding is the way to go for your Reston, VA, remodel, you immediately start thinking about which color to choose. That is perfectly understandable! After all, your vinyl siding color can boost your curb appeal.

Vinyl siding is more than slapping up a few pieces of vinyl and calling it a day. Several other components of installing vinyl siding on your Fairfax County home must be done.

And one of the more important components is the trim. The trim work on your vinyl siding can make or break the entire installation process.

What is trim? Why is it so important? Do you pick out the trim yourself?

Find out the answers to these questions and much more.

What Is Trim For Your Reston, VA, Vinyl Siding?

Trim is meant to help hide gaps in vinyl siding while securing it. There are several trim types, and your home will use more than one type to ensure a successful installation.

Starter Trim

The starter trim is the foundation of the vinyl siding installation process. It is installed at the bottom of the house, and the first row of vinyl is locked into it.

No vinyl siding installation job is complete without a starter trim, as it ensures the angle is accurate and helps to ensure straight lines of vinyl throughout the home.

Undersill Trim

Undersill trim is located behind the window casing, under the window, to help support the siding around the window. It helps create a crisp look for your siding while ensuring water is directed away from the window, avoiding potential water damage.

J Channel

The J channel is installed around the doors and windows in a home. The vinyl is locked into the J channel to ensure no leaks and to help with the appearance of the vinyl once the installation is complete.

Soffit Trims

Located below the roof’s overhang, soffit trims are installed to allow for the change from vinyl to the overhang. Several types of soffit trims are available, and they each ensure your vinyl is secured once the installation is complete.

Window Trim

Window trim is specific for around windows. While the J channel can be used, window trim comes in various styles and colors so that homeowners can opt for something less generic.

Corner Post Trim

The corner post trim is installed on the corners of your home. It not only helps to lock the vinyl of each side into place, but it also helps to protect the siding against wear and tear and weather.

You have several design choices when it comes to the corner post trim, including different widths and ones with contours and designs in them.

The Importance Of Trim With Vinyl Siding

The trim you see with vinyl siding installation is important in ensuring your vinyl is secure. A home without any trim could result in shifting siding.

Plus, without the trim, water can easily seep behind the siding, resulting in water damage within the home. This is a situation no homeowner wants to find themselves in.

Trim also is a way to make your home more to your liking with various designs and colors you can choose from. Ultimately, trim is the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae that makes it perfect!

Do You Pick Out Your Reston, VA, Trim?

When it comes to the type of trim used throughout the vinyl siding installation process, your contractor will determine which type to use on your home. For example, the contractor will decide what soffit trims work best for the home style.

However, you get to pick the color of trim work you want with your vinyl siding. When choosing a color for your trim, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Go with a trim that will enhance the natural beauty of your home, not detract from it
  • Choose a color that complements your vinyl siding and roof colors
  • Consider your shutter color when making your decision

Your vinyl siding contractors can give you more information on what trim is available and even guide you in what color or design would work well with your vinyl siding.

If you are getting ready to take the plunge and have new vinyl installed on your home, remember that the trim is a vital component. Milcon Design & Build is here for your vinyl siding installation needs, and we offer free quotes to help you get started.

Contact us or call us today at (703) 581-2761 to get started on enhancing the look of your home with vinyl siding.

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