The Northern VA Roofers That Get Attic Ventilation Right

Why Are Attic Ventilation Botches SO Common?

For Proper Ventilation, Experience, Effort,
And Quality Materials Are REQUIRED

If it’s happened once, it’s happened a thousand times.

We receive a call from a homeowner who’s having issues with their attic ventilation because a Northern Virginia roofer failed miserably on the first attempt.

Fortunately, we’re masters at fixing botched attic ventilation jobs. Or, if WE install your roof, then we’ll get the attic ventilation job done right the first time no questions asked.

Roofers KNOW Attic Ventilation Is Important So
Why Don’t They Always Install It Properly?

Roof installation means an ENTIRE roofing system. Unfortunately, many homeowners in Northern VA pay for an entire roofing system but are given shingles and (maybe) a few poorly placed attic vents.

This simply shouldn’t happen — ever. And roofers KNOW it shouldn’t happen… so why does it? Well, several reasons:

  • They Choose Convenience Over Quality: Attics are tough areas to navigate. It’s convenient to install vents in the easy-to-access areas. But rarely is it the BEST place for attic vents.
  • They Have A Lack Of Knowledge: We’re not saying ALL roofers who botch attic ventilation are lazy. We know there are hard workers out there. But it takes experience AND hard work to get the job done right. If you don’t have both, it’s hard to get attic ventilation right.
  • Cheap Materials: Sometimes it’s not the placement of vents that’s the problem — it’s the quality of the ventilation materials. If cheap alternatives are used, there could be attic ventilation issues.

We install vents where it’s best. If it’s inconvenient, oh well — we’ll get the job done anyway to ensure your attic stays cool and moisture-free. Our extra effort combined with our knowledge and refusal to use nothing but the BEST materials ensures your attic ventilation gets done right.

Attic Ventilation Is Simple In Theory, Difficult In Execution

On its surface, ventilation may seem easy. Add some vents and let air escape your attic. And, yeah… the idea is simple.

The execution? Not that easy. At least, it’s not easy for most roofers in Northern VA and Maryland.

But at Milcon, we get attic ventilation right on the first try. You see, it comes down to the “Goldilocks” solution.

If you add too many vents in the wrong areas, you’re inviting moisture into your attic. But, if you add too few vents (or vents in the wrong areas), then your attic could get insanely hot. Both options are bad.

You need a Goldilocks solution. This occurs when the attic vents are perfectly installed in the right areas. Not too many, not too few.

It Takes An Expert To Achieve
Goldilocks Ventilation

So, how do we ensure perfect attic ventilation?

It comes down to experience. We understand no two roofs (or attics) are the same. We conduct a thorough assessment and decide the best place for your vents. After all, we’ve done it seemingly a million times at this point, and we know what perfect ventilation looks like in action.

More than that, we install vents for an ideal fit. No excess moisture enters your attic, and your vents don’t come loose over time. We also pay for the best ventilation materials and stay until the job gets done right — we’re never lazy or cheap when it comes to your attic ventilation.

Dealing With Botched Ventilation? Call In The Pros
At Milcon Design & Build

If you want a roofing SYSTEM with proper ventilation in Northern Virginia, then contact us today for a free estimate.

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