Ways to Add Additional Privacy To A Glass Door

10 Ways To Add Privacy To Your Ashburn, VA,
Glass Doors

Beautiful Glass Doors Can Still Allow Privacy
With These Methods

Glass doors in your Ashburn, VA, can be an attractive feature of your home. However, the idea that people passing by can see into your home is disheartening and worrying.

Does it mean you should not have glass doors in your home? Not necessarily, as there are a few ways to add privacy to your glass doors that will maintain their beauty. Check out these ten ways to add privacy to your Loudoun County glass doors!

1. Consider Privacy Film

While clear glass doors let in a ton of light into your Ashburn, VA, home – they can be a massive pain regarding security and safety. A compromise would be to use privacy film on the glass door.

Privacy film will automatically make it harder for people to see into your home. You can purchase privacy film and apply it yourself. The film is often compared to working with contact paper.

It can be daunting to attempt it independently as you want it smooth to ensure the glass door looks fantastic. Therefore, if you do this yourself, you should get a helper to ensure no lines or bubbles appear.

2. Frosted Glass

If you’re considering replacing your Loudoun County door with a glass one, consider opting for a frosted one. Frosted glass is an option that automatically has privacy built into it.

Frosted glass will allow some natural light to come into your home, but it is unclear. Thus, there is no worry that people can easily see into your home.

3. Tinted Glass

Many residents have their glass doors and even windows tinted in their homes to help not only make them safer and more secure but to help block harmful UV rays coming into their homes.

If you have sensitive eyes, tinting the glass is often a great way to feel more comfortable in your home while ensuring your safety and security. While there are tons of DIY videos instructing a person on tinting the glass themselves, it still takes skill and patience.

Luckily, there are professionals that can easily tint glass on homes!

4. Opt For Textured Glass

You can also opt for textured glass in your doors that still allows the light in but distorts the view people get when they try to look into your home. Plus, it can enable a neat look for your home that is more personalized.

5. Painting Glass

A huge trend that many people are opting for with their glass doors is to paint the glass. They paint the glass white, black, dark gray, or various other colors. However, painting the glass will block the natural sunlight, but it does stop others from peering inside.

It is a method that cannot be undone. And you may find it does not look as good as you had hoped – so it is not advisable.

6. Purchase Blinds

You can purchase blinds to hang onto the glass door, allowing you to block the view when you want to. Many people open their blinds during prime time sunlight to light up their home, then close these at night for privacy.

When choosing your blinds, choose a neutral color that highlights the beauty of the actual door and the rest of the home.

7. Shutters

Shutters are a method many people use to help secure their glass doors and add a different look to the room or hallway. The shutters are installed on the door and can be opened or closed as you wish.

If you want to continue with the glass theme, these are available in various materials, such as wood, metal, and even glass shutters.

8. Curtains

One of the most accessible and affordable ways to ensure privacy for your glass entry doors is to opt for curtains or drapes. With the wide variety of materials, you can find the best color and design that fits in with the aesthetic of your Ashburn, VA, home.

You can opt for a “door curtain” to fit the door. Or you can opt for curtains hanging from the top of the door and allow you to open these if the desire arises.

9. Install A Screen Door

If you do not have a screen door in front of your glass entry door, you may want to find time to install one. A screen door will not only add more security to your home as it is another layer to the outside world, but if you opt for a dark-colored screen door, you may find that it helps to block others from seeing into your glass door.

Most screen doors will open out towards the outside. Thus, it can be added to about any entry door you have.

10. Consider Shades

Shades are comparable to curtains but are often fitted to the glass portion of the door, much like mini blinds. They completely block light coming in when down, and no one can see in when opting for some types of shades.

Room darkening shades will stop all light and views from outside. Meanwhile, a wooden or bamboo shade may allow light into the home while blocking the outside views. Shades can often be rolled up, so you can choose when to use these.

Get An Estimate For Your Ashburn, VA, Entry Door

For those with a glass entry door in your Ashburn, VA, home, while there are ways to add privacy to your glass – you may find it’s time to upgrade your entry door to a steel or fiberglass entry door that will be more secure than a glass door.

Contact us or call us today at (703) 581-2761 for a free estimate for your new entry door. Milcon is here to help ensure your home looks excellent, is safe, and secure.

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