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While you may be focused on the look of your Ashburn, VA, entry door, the same consideration should be given to how safe the front door is. After all, your front door is your home’s first line of defense.

Therefore, a strong entry door is a must-have for any home. What is the safest material for an entry door for your Loudoun County home?

We will look at the various entry door materials out there, the pros and cons of safety, and allow you to draw your own conclusions about which door would be best for your home.

Types Of Door Materials

You could use several door materials in your Ashburn, VA home, and understanding each type and its corresponding safety benefits is the first step in deciding.


Wood entry doors are a favorite among many homeowners – as they are a classic material for entry doors that have been used for hundreds of years. Luckily, today’s wood will not warp like wooden doors of the past.

Wooden doors are made from various types of trees, but most people stick with mahogany as it is solid and durable. But how safe is a wooden door?

For many, it is considered relatively safe. The idea that people can easily break a wooden door is false, given the strength of the wood. The most significant issue with a wooden door is that you must reinforce the latch-side jamb, as it is the weakest part.


Fiberglass is a widely popular and affordable entry door option. While fiberglass may be plastic woven with glass shards, it does not affect its strength.

The composition is shatter-proof, making breaking a fiberglass door almost impossible. As long as the fiberglass door is installed correctly, the frame has twice as much holding power when compared to a wooden door.

Fiberglass is highly durable and will not rot or rust – ensuring it does not weaken over time.


Doors that are labeled as “steel doors” are not fully steel. They are made of a polyurethane core with steel gauged into the door and on the outer covering.

Realistically, a solid steel door will not work on any residential home as the hinges would not support the weight. However, even though these doors may not be entirely made of steel – they are highly secure and durable.

In addition, steel doors even have a fire rating, with some steel doors being able to resist fire for up to twenty minutes.


Glass doors used on patios and decks are often considered the norm. But as an entry door, glass is not a highly safe material. However, you can always get the look of glass by utilizing a storm door made from aluminum and glass in front of your fiberglass, steel, or wooden door.

Those who do find glass entry doors will discover they are double-glazed or double-pane glass – making the glass more challenging to potential burglars.


Aluminum doors are the cheaper option when compared to steel doors. While the level of safety is not as great as that of a steel door, aluminum does hold up well enough for most homeowners.

For those in the Ashburn, VA, area looking for a long-lasting yet price-efficient solution – aluminum can be one option.


Vinyl is an energy-efficient and low-maintenance door material, but for the purpose of entry doors – most people look away. Instead, vinyl is often used for patio doors since it is less secure than homeowners want for their front entrance.

The Results Are In – The Safest Door Is…

Fiberglass, steel, or wooden doors will be the top selection for those concerned about safety and security. These three take the top spot but are followed closely by aluminum. Rounding out the list would be glass and then vinyl – as they are the least secure and can be easily broken.

Which material is best out of fiberglass entry doors, steel, and wooden doors? Many people end up going with fiberglass entry doors or steel doors.

The benefits of going with fiberglass entry doors include the following:

  • These are designed to have a wooden look – without the price of a wooden door
  • Several colors options allow for a 100% unique look for your home
  • Energy efficient with a polyurethane core
  • Easily maintained with only a light washing needed to remove pollen, dust, and debris

Steel entry doors are also popular, as they are more affordable than wooden doors yet higher than fiberglass ones. With steel doors, you will find various woodgrains and textures to have a look for your home that is beautiful and fit.

Choosing Your Entry Door

When replacing the entry door of your Ashburn, VA, home, you have options. While choosing the most secure material, whether you opt for fiberglass or steel entry doors, you still have many choices before you can confidently decide on an entry door.

Some of the choices to make will revolve around the looks of your entry door. For example:

  • Do you have a specific color in mind that will highlight the looks of your home?
  • Should you opt for a window in your door to allow natural light?
  • What hardware will bring out the natural beauty of your new door?

These are essential components to determine which door will work for your home. While the color, window choice, or hardware style are not necessarily a part of the safety and security – they still ensure the overall enjoyment of your new entry door.

Free Estimates For Your Ashburn, VA, Entry Door

If your entry door needs to be replaced with a safer and stronger door in your Ashburn, VA, home, we are here to help! We offer steel and fiberglass doors, which will look amazing while ensuring your safety and security.

Contact us or call us today at (703) 581-2761 so Milcon can help your home look great and be safe!

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