Why GAF Is The ONLY Roofing Manufacturer We’ll Let Near Your Home!

With A Million Roofing Manufacturers Under
The Sun, Here’s Why We Choose GAF

…Every Time

It might seem impossible to determine which roofing manufacturer provides the best value, durability, aesthetics, and overall “bang for your buck” concerning your Northern VA home’s roof replacement.

Many homeowners share your predicament, finding themselves at the crossroads of an important decision – what material do I want to install on my roof for over two decades?

We find that the best decision for a roof replacement for your Northern VA or Maryland home usually comes down to this – the manufacturer themselves. And the trusted partnership your contractor has with their manufacturer.

In our case, we’re boldly confident in our partnership with GAF.

Luckily, Milcon Design & Build is here to guide you and make your decision as smooth as possible.

Our secret? We put YOU at the center of our operations, which means choosing GAF – the top-tier industry leader in roofing materials.

So, why GAF?

Where to even begin?

If we had to choose, we would say:

  1. 1. Forward-thinking and innovative
  2. 2. Top-shelf customer care for their contractors
  3. 3. Unbeatable warranties

Keep in mind these are just some of the reasons for choosing GAF.

GAF – The Gold Standard In Roofing Technology

Innovation is the heart and soul of every industry, and roofing is no different.

GAF – as North America’s largest roofing manufacturer – has pioneered this industry for over a century.

Staying ahead of the curve is one of GAF’s best attributes – they consistently produce state-of-the-art products and offer a wide range of industry-first roofing technologies.

When you choose to work with Milcon, you’re choosing more than just a roofing company – you’re selecting a partnership that values quality and leverages cutting-edge technology.

With Milcon, your new GAF roof will embody this commitment to excellence – providing your Northern, VA home secure protection year-round. All while ensuring you get the most out of GAF’s top energy-efficient-rated products.

Oh, and with GAF’s comprehensive list of trend-setting shingle styles and colors, your roof will look downright amazing. And, dare we say, even make your neighbors a little jealous!

Customer Service From GAF To Us… And Onto You

Choosing a manufacturer who treats its suppliers doesn’t affect you as the customer.

Or does it?

In our two decades of roof replacement experience – the way the manufacturer treats their contractors does matter.

GAF’s unwavering dedication to roof contractor satisfaction is yet another solid reason we value our partnership with them so much.

And their contractor support system is a shining example of this commitment. GAF is always a call away, ready to assist and ensure we have what we need to provide top-notch workmanship.

Whether providing excellent products or assisting in solving issues, their team is always ready to ensure the highest level of satisfaction for contractors and homeowners.

And these aren’t empty words – we’ve experienced a positive customer relationship with them for nearly two decades! So we can say we’re nothing short of amazed at how consistently and excellently they have provided for us throughout the years.

In other words, GAF practices what they preach – so their roofing materials quality translates to the superior service we offer for YOU.

Golden Pledge – A 50-Year Transferable Warranty

Peace of mind is priceless when investing in a new roof, and GAF’s Golden Pledge provides exactly that.

As one of the most robust warranties in the industry, this 50-year, fully transferable warranty reflects their commitment to long-term quality.

When you partner with Milcon, your investment is protected for decades to come.

This solid warranty, combined with our dedication to superior service, makes your home improvement journey secure and pleasurable.

Our Partnership With GAF Ensures Quality

Choosing a roofing manufacturer in Northern VA or Maryland doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

If you’re a homeowner looking for a quality roof replacement, and want a team that puts your needs first, call Milcon Design & Build for a zero-pressure, 30-minute quote today.

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