Why Our OWNER Performs Your Quote

Why Our Company Owner Performs All Quotes

Matt (Our Owner) Is Committed To A Stress-Free
And Easy Exterior Remodeling Quote Process

When you book a quote with an exterior remodeler in Northern VA, you’ll most likely get a salesperson to show up to perform the quote. They’ll discuss your exterior remodeling project with you and provide pricing information and financing options to consider.

Well, that’s how it should happen, anyway. The problem is salespeople do what salespeople do – they sell. And they’re trained to use every trick in the book to close the deal. This leads to you feeling pressured and coerced into deciding on the spot.

If only there was a better way for a homeowner in Northern VA to gather information about exterior remodeling and receive a free quote… and there is!

At Milcon, we don’t have salespeople. We don’t WANT salespeople. When you call us for a quote, the person that shows up to your home… will be our Owner, Matt Kavanah.

Quotes From The Owner Helps YOU

We’re not a small exterior remodeling company – we do hundreds of projects each year. So, why does our owner perform all quotes? Isn’t the owner of a larger company supposed to focus on big-picture items and not daily operations?

Well, maybe but that’s not how we do things at Milcon Design & Build. Matt is a part of the local community, and he enjoys meeting with homeowners and helping them achieve the home of their dreams.

But it’s more than that. We have a mission to do quotes differently, to make them easier for YOU, the homeowner. In fact, it’s built into our core values. So, at Milcon Design & Build:

  • We don’t overstay our welcome – our visits take 30 minutes.
  • We don’t play sales games – we give honest and straightforward quotes.
  • And we don’t treat you like a sales opportunity – we treat you as local neighbors within our community.

Our Quotes Take 30 Minutes

Salesmen are trained to stick around as long as it takes to close the deal. If this means staying past their welcome and not leaving for several hours, then so be it.

And trust us, they have lots of sales tricks, which they keep throwing against the wall until something sticks (each of which takes up a lot of time).

If all else fails, they’ll pull the “door knob” close, which might be the most obnoxious of all their sales games. In essence, the salesmen extend a “guilt-trip offer,” as a last-ditch effort. They remind you how much time they’ve invested into their interaction with you in an effort to close the deal.

If it sounds like an awful experience, it’s because it is. As a former remodeling salesman, our owner, Matt, has experienced it firsthand… and then Matt started Milcon to provide homeowners with a 100% stress-free, pressure-free experience.

That’s why at Milcon Design & Build, we can be in and out of your home in 30 minutes. Now, of course, if you want to stay longer to discuss your remodeling plans, we can do that, too. But if you simply want straightforward information and a quote, then we’ll deliver that as well.

Our Quotes Are Accurate

Now, we know there are knowledgeable workers out there, but they don’t know the ins and outs of exterior remodeling like the CEO.

And more to the point, the exterior remodeling salespeople don’t have the final say about anything – the owner does. Since our owner performs your quote, you KNOW your quote is 100% accurate. In other words, you won’t be told one thing by the salesperson and another thing by the company after the project starts.

So, since our owner performs every quote, you can trust that when you receive a quote from the Milcon Design & Build owner, there’s no confusion, and there are no quote changes.

Our Quotes Are Of Fair Value

We’re not paying salespeople commission (or at all for that matter) because we don’t use them. We also don’t run expensive national ads or rely upon middlemen to deliver materials.

Also, we don’t skimp on materials. We use the best manufacturers we can find. For windows, doors, and siding, we go factory direct as much as possible to reduce mark-up.

As a result, you receive premium exterior remodeling materials AND an experienced and reputable installation team at an affordable cost.

So, when we give you a price, you’re not shell-shocked.

Receive Your Easy, Honest, And Accurate
Exterior Remodeling Quote

If you want an honest and straightforward quote without the sales games and pressure, then book a 30-minute exterior remodeling quote with Milcon Design & Build today.

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