Why You Need To Replace Lovettsville, VA Siding & Asphalt Roofing Together

5 Benefits Of Replacing Your Lovettsville, VA
Siding And Asphalt Roofing Together

Replacing Both Simultaneously Is
In Your Best Interest

When your Lovettsville, VA asphalt roofing is in need of replacement, have you given any thought to replacing your siding at the same time? When homeowners need to do some repairs throughout their homes, they often focus on one project at a time.

However, there are tons of benefits when you combine some projects. One of those projects would be when you need to have your asphalt roofing replaced and decide to replace your siding as well.

Homeowners in the Loudoun County area will find that while these are two significant projects to have done to their home, doing them simultaneously can be a huge relief. Check out the five benefits of having these projects done simultaneously.

1. Immediately Have A New Look With
New Asphalt Roofing And Siding

While getting a new roof will make you feel better about the safety of your home when you opt to change the siding as well, you are getting an entirely new look.

Yes, there could be people who notice your new roof, but you can guarantee that no one will miss a new roof and new siding that are changed simultaneously.

2. Be More Cost Effective With Your Lovettsville, VA Budget

While you may think having two projects done simultaneously will be higher, you will probably be surprised. Many home remodel professionals will give you a discount for scheduling two significant projects to happen at the same time.

After all, by doing it all at once, the professionals reduce the number of trips to your home through two separate projects. Plus, all the materials can be ordered together, saving money.

If money is holding you back from scheduling these two projects together, think again, as it could be a way to save.

3. Reduce Your Stress When Scheduling A Siding
Replacement With An Asphalt Roofing Project

Most everyone has been in a situation where they get one thing on their to-do list tackled and completed, only to realize how much more there is to do. Many people who opt to replace their roof and get it done start to stress about the siding.

Stress can do so much damage to the body, so if you can do anything to reduce your stress, it needs to be done. Booking both of these projects to happen at the same time is one small thing to do to help lighten your stress load.

4. Prevents Siding Damage When
Asphalt Roofing Is Replaced

When you decide to do both of these projects at the same time, you are taking the right steps to prevent any damage from occurring to your siding when your roof is replaced. While every professional takes the steps necessary to prevent damage, it is still a possibility.

By opting to have both replaced, your professional can install your new roof without worrying about the old siding since it will also be getting replaced.

5. Boost The Energy Savings In Your Lovettsville, VA Home

One of the biggest perks of upgrading your home is the energy savings that you see. After all, the technology we use today is better than it was ten years ago. Those who opt to replace both siding and asphalt roofing simultaneously will see energy savings faster than doing each project individually.

It will be a massive form of savings that you see once the project is done, and it can give you a lot of peace of mind in knowing you made the right decision to make these changes to your home.

Tips To Help When You Decide To Replace
Siding And Asphalt Roofing Together

The five benefits listed beforehand are huge reasons people decide to replace their siding and asphalt roofing simultaneously. However, remember that it does take some gentle maneuvering to ensure it happens during the same time frame.

Remember, you may not see your roof replaced while another crew swaps the siding on the same day. Instead, you may have the roof replaced in a day or two, and then the next day, they begin the siding project.

How can you prepare for this and ensure the process goes smoothly? Remember these tips!

  • Talk it over with your contractor about what you want done and discuss whether they can do it.
  • Keep your yard and walkways clean so the company can freely move about your property while completing these projects.
  • While you can stay home during these replacements, you will find it is loud. Many people use this time to run errands while the crews work.
  • Have a good idea of what you want when talking with your contractor so that they can show you your options.
  • Don’t forget that with a roof replacement, the gutters often need to be replaced as well, so prepare yourself for that suggestion from your contractors.

Take the time to think about the benefits of doing both projects and visualize the end result. It will convince you that since you need a roof and siding replacement, you may as well do it simultaneously!

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Siding Replacement

If you are ready to tackle these two significant projects for your Lovesttsville, VA home, Milcon Design & Build has beautiful asphalt roofing and siding options.

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